New Software Introduces a New Communication Option and Time-Saving Features for DMTouch & miniDM

Resource Data Management (RDM) are pleased to release the latest software update for DMTouch and miniDM, their control and monitoring systems front-end. Using new software v4.2, it is even easier to retrofit DMTouch and miniDM devices into an existing building controls infrastructure. The update also enhances the existing security features by introducing multi-factor authentication, includes time-saving navigation features, and increases time scheduling options for users.

DMTouch & miniDM – Unparalleled Control & Monitoring Systems Front-End

DMTouch is RDM’s market-leading control and monitoring system front-end, designed for applications within the HVAC and refrigeration control industries. Applications include supermarkets, retail stores, offices, gyms, and more. DMTouch can communicate via open protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, Web Services, and XML, which means it can easily be integrated into an existing third-party HVACR controls infrastructure. Energy management tools, remote and onsite access options, and energy-saving control capabilities of the DMTouch help businesses meet their control requirements and minimise running costs of their HVACR infrastructure.

miniDM features the same software and benefits as the DMTouch. It was specially developed with small business premises in mind. Convenience stores, pharmacies, and restaurants benefit from the compact, cost-effective control system front-end that can manage up to 32 devices. It can also be accessed remotely, communicates via open protocols, features PLC capabilities, and helps businesses perfect their control and monitoring strategy.

New Software Features
DMTouch & miniDM Now Operate as BACnet Server

Both DMTouch and miniDM can now operate as a BACnet server and share information with a BACnet-enabled third-party front-end system or device. By doing so, users can benefit from the many advantages DMTouch and miniDM have to offer, including energy management capabilities, energy-saving HVACR control features, whilst allowing key information to be shared with a third-party device.

Multi-Factor Authentication Increases Security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) can now be enabled to add an extra layer of security to the login process. The newly added MFA prevents unauthorised logins should a user’s password be compromised.

New Time-Saving Interactive Mimics for PLC Controllers

RDM’s Intuitive range features HVACR PLC controllers: Intuitive TDB and Mini Intuitive TDB. On these devices, users can create custom homepages where key information can be shown and HVACR plant can be managed via interactive mimics. DMTouch and miniDM can now display these interactive mimics. This allows users to quickly make changes to a controller’s operation directly from the front-end device.

Increased Time Scheduling Capabilities

DMTouch and miniDM now allow up to 100 separate time schedulers, called GP Timer Channels, to interact with various connected HVACR controllers. This provides more flexibility when scheduling events for multiple devices connected to the front-end as previously only 40 GP Timer Channels were available. An option to only show configured schedules on a front-end was also introduced to help users easily navigate and adjust the available schedules.

Further Information

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