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Monitoring and gathering data in real time, we deliver meaningful information to the right people, at the right time. Our solutions make it simple to have optimum control across all HVAC, Lighting, Fire and Security Systems whenever, and wherever, you need it.

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RDM deliver end to end advanced control solutions for all retail environments, big or small, convenience to superstores, forecourts to shopping centres. Our solutions reduce operating costs, increase profitability and enhance the customer experience.

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Our turnkey solutions enable you to manage buildings efficiently, displaying due diligence every step of the way. We support your sustainability strategies, giving you complete visibility to reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs with our Energy Web software.

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Data Centers

Consume 2% of the world’s total energy consumption.

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RDM solutions have reduced Industrial
client energy costs by six figures.

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Healthcare & Public Sector

RDM solutions are reducing Healthcare energy
costs by up to 40% across the globe

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Our solutions are reducing commercial energy
costs by up to 40% across the globe

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Hotels & Leisure

RDM solutions are reducing energy
costs by up to 40% across the globe.

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RDM solutions have saved retail
clients up to 40% in energy costs

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Less Energy than a typical Supermarket

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Reduction in operating costs

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Saving in Refrigeration Energy Costs.

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  • One of the greatest features of the RDM controls…came from the zero product loss associated with refrigeration.

        Director of Retail Operations, Lund Food Holdings
  • ..because of the RDM Case Controllers…Fresh & Easy store’s now use about 30 per cent less energy than a typical supermarket.

        Director of National Procurement, Fresh & Easy
  • Between us and the electrical contractor, we saved whole foods at least $50,000 in installation costs using a case control strategy with RDM controls.

        Gregg Herr, Principal, Southwest Refrigeration Inc
  • RDM products enable you to achieve complex and challenging things very quickly and easily.

        Managing Director, Delta Technics
  • RDM solution enabled us to minimise power use while optimising productivity. Resulting in a six-figure saving each year in energy costs.

        Site Maintenance Facilitator, Kerry Foods