How Can ActiveFM™ Support Your Control Solution?

Intelligent remote monitoring, incident handling and energy management enterprise software ActiveFM™ keeps your facility running at optimum levels. It ensures that assets are protected and your system is operating efficiently to minimise operating costs.

Web-Based Dashboard

Web-based, ActiveFM™ applications can be accessed with nothing more than a web-browser.

Incident Handling

Automation and pre-defined settings and parameters allow efficient handling of incidents and alarms.

Asset Protection

Alerts and notifications highlight potential issues before they occur, minimising downtime and costs.

Facilities Management

ActiveFM™ is award-winning enterprise software that supports essential monitoring and event handling, to provide a fully integrated facility management solution. It's available in five packages, starting with straightforward data capture, incident alerts and management via a web-based dashboard. The highest level features full-service desk options and each level can be customised.

Software Apps

Optional plug-ins allow you to build a solution that specifically matches your need and budget. For the analysis of data trends, fault-finding or remote fixes, dial-in access facilitates a one-click connection to sites, via our web-based dashboard.

To achieve temperature due diligence, food safety and compliance, Temperate Data Retention extracts and stores temperature data. Live Maps, a tool unique to RDM, displays site locations in a map view that allows zooming into specific sites to view readings and data for custom parameters set by the user.

Insights & Analytics

Accessible via a web browser, ActiveFM™ dashboards can support remote monitoring and predictive maintenance strategies. ActiveFM™ can be set up to predict system failures, automatically handle incidents and provide the insight required to either correct issues remotely or predict failures before they occur.

Energy Dashboard

A standalone application, available either with or without ActiveFM™ software, Kwheb is a cloud-based dashboard that presents energy data in an easy-to-digest format. As part of an energy management strategy, the energy data and insights provided in the tool, help you reduce energy and carbon consumption and the associated energy costs which helps you meet sustainability objectives. 


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