Resource Data Management (RDM) are delighted to introduce the new Indoor Air Quality Monitor (IAQM). The IAQM measures temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, and CO2 levels before transmitting the data for analysis. It helps facility managers to maintain good indoor air quality which is essential for fostering a productive work environment, boosting concentration in schools, and creating healthy indoor spaces. The IAQM is suited for many facilities including food retail stores, offices, schools, gyms, and cinemas.

The IAQM can communicate with RDM’s front-end systems – DMTouch or miniDM – and it can be controlled via RDM’s PLC software TDB. This allows the IAQM to be easily integrated into the overall HVAC and building management strategy.

Wall-mounted and duct-mounted models are available to suit individual requirements. The wall-mounted model can be fitted to a standard pattress box and is available with a built-in LCD display for viewing data directly onsite if needed. The duct-mounted model is supplied with a detachable 21mm (0.8”) diameter probe for sampling the air quality in a duct or other areas with airflow.

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