Resource Data Management (RDM) are pleased to introduce the latest addition to the Intuitive Superpack range of refrigeration controllers: Intuitive Superpack Multi INV. Intuitive Superpack controllers deliver stable and responsive energy regulation without complicated programming, ensuring that pack systems run as energy efficiently as possible and enabling optimum control. Managing central pack systems to cool multiple refrigerated spaces, Intuitive Superpack devices can control and monitor up to three suction or discharge sections along with three general sections which can be used for additional control requirements. 

The new Intuitive Superpack Multi INV delivers enhanced control capabilities for multi-variable capacity compressor applications, allowing control of up to four variable capacity compressors per section. It also offers new commissioning and fault-finding options via real-time graphing of system data on the controller’s web-based interface.

Control of four variable capacity compressors

The new Intuitive Superpack Multi INV can control up to four variable outputs per section, including inverter-driven compressors or digital scroll compressors. Individual variable capacity compressors can be given separate start times and start levels which offers users a detailed level of compressor control.

Users can select various compressor types including multi-cylinder reciprocating compressors with up to four capacity-controlled solenoids. Having multiple variable capacity compressors offers more accurate pressure control, increased energy savings, and fewer compressor starts which increases the compressor’s lifespan and reduces its maintenance needs.

New commissioning and fault-finding options

All Intuitive controllers offer a web-based interface that allows users to remotely make changes to controller settings, monitor progress, and commission devices. The web interface of the new Intuitive Superpack Multi INV controller features a tab that can display a graph of system data in real time. Any input, output, or state can be selected and shown as a real-time graph to help engineers see system performance issues quickly and determine if they require further action. 

More information

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