How Can Intuitive Controllers Support Your Control Solution?

Designed for various BMS, HVAC and refrigeration applications, the Intuitive range is available in multiple hardware and software variants to precisely match the needs of individual projects and control systems. Featuring flexible networking and optional displays, they can control almost any HVACR application.

Fast Install

It's easy to connect to devices and peripherals for a fast installation with limited downtime and low costs.


Configurable software, with built-in and optional communications and accessories, allows custom solutions and avoids unnecessary costs.

BMS & Refrigeration

Remote and on-site access to operating data and control of HVACR devices is enabled either via a web browser or connected touch screen.

The Intuitive Range


PLC Controller

TDB, our PLC software, is pre-loaded on this controller and features a lifetime software licence. One Intuitive TDB controller can manage up to 600 HVACR points.

Mini TDB

Compact PLC Controller

Designed for small applications, this compact controller includes our PLC software TDB and a lifetime software licence. Mini Intuitive TDBs can manage up to 580 HVACR devices.


Central Pack Controllers

Available in pack or CO2 build options, Intuitive Stepper controllers manage central pack systems for optimum energy efficiency.


PLC Controller & Display

A PLC controller and external touch screen display in one, TouchXL controllers come with PLC software TDB built-in without licence fee for the lifetime of the device.


So that you only need to pay for the specifications your solution requires, Intuitive controllers are complemented by a range of expansion devices. Expansion modules can increase the number of inputs and outputs of Intuitive controller to match your requirements. Depending on selection, you can control over 600 HVACR devices or points with just one controller.

Displays & Software

Intuitive controllers are available with both on-device or remote display options for better control during and after installation. Controllers with our PLC software TDB can be used with our free-to-download PLC desktop editing software.

Networking & Communications

Intuitive controllers feature a mix of built-in communications, including IP (Internet Protocol), USB, and CAN bus for simple connectivity to your devices and peripherals. Intuitive TDB controllers can communicate upward via BACnet, XML and Webservices, and downward via Modbus®. You can remotely access, view and alter the settings on your device simply by using a web browser.

Long-Term Security

Designed on the principles of reliability and longevity, the Intuitive range is backed by our industry-leading five-year warranty. This gives users the peace of mind that they have a robust solution that will keep HVACR assets and controls safe.


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