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Establishing a Fibre Connection Between RDM’s Front-End and PLC Controllers


Resource Data Management (RDM) are delighted to introduce the new USB to Fibre Adapter. The adapter provides fibre optic cable connections to compatible devices, which include:  

  • DMTouch and miniDM - RDM’s control and monitoring systems front-end
  • Intuitive TDB and mini Intuitive TDB – HVAC and refrigeration PLC controllers
  • TouchXL TDB – HVAC and refrigeration PLC controller and 10” touchscreen display in one


Fibre optic networks can be used as an alternative to Ethernet IP to utilise several benefits, notably cable lengths. A single fibre optic cable can reliably transmit data up to 2km without any additional hardware, simplifying installation and maintenance compared to CAT5/6 cables. RDM’s new USB to Fibre Adapter allows compatible devices to connect to the system front-end using fibre optic communications. This facilitates placing the front-end device in a central, easily accessible location.

Adapters can be installed retrospectively, creating a flexible solution for retrofits or future expansions.

Establishing a Fibre Connection

The USB side of the adapter can be plugged into the control and monitoring system front-end, the DMTouch or miniDM, while the fibre side of the adapter connects to the fibre optic cable. The cable is either run to another compatible device where it is connected via another adapter, or to RDM’s IP networking hub, Intuitive Switch, where it connects to the fibre connections. A regular IP or RS232 connection can then be established from the device or switch to other devices in the network.

Additional Benefits of Fibre Optic Cables

In addition to greater transmission distances, fibre optic cables are safer to work with. They will not produce electrical sparks and are immune to electromagnetic interference.  

Contact us to find out more about the new adapter and RDM’s fibre network.

PRODUCT | Posted on 10 Jun 2022


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