Resource Data Management (RDM) are proud to announce the release of the new Mercury Frequency controller. The newest addition to the Mercury range is designed specifically for use in refrigerated self-contained cabinets utilising an Embraco variable speed compressor. A frequency signal which controls the cabinet temperature by varying the compressor speed is the first of its kind in the Mercury line of refrigerated cabinet controllers.

Variable speed compressors provide substantial energy savings by only using the energy required at a given moment as opposed to traditional on/off compressors which always operate at full power when in use. Varying the compressor speed also allows more accurate temperature control and results in fewer start/stop cycles, thus reducing energy-intensive start-up currents.

The controller features outputs for lights, fans and defrost control, along with the option for discharge temperature monitoring to protect the compressor from overheating. If the compressor discharge temperature rises too high it will be temporarily shut down by the controller preventing serious damage.

The controller can operate as a standalone device or it can integrate with an RDM control system front-end, DMTouch or miniDM, via IP or RDM Bluetooth wireless mesh communication. The Mercury Frequency controller is also available with relays that are compliant with IEC 60079-15 for use with hydrocarbon refrigerants.

The development of the Mercury Frequency controller demonstrates RDM’s dedication to providing energy-saving solutions and prolonging equipment lifespans.

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