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Suitable for Refrigerated Cabinets and Coldrooms using Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

Resource Data Management (RDM) have announced the release of the newest addition to the Mercury Case controller range which is suitable for use with hydrocarbon refrigerants. Modelled on the existing Mercury line of controllers, the new hardware series features changes to relays and connections. The new controller’s relays are compliant with IEC 60079-0 and IEC 60079-15 standards regarding use in explosive gas atmospheres, such as hydrocarbon refrigerants.

The use of hydrocarbon refrigerant gases, such as propane (R290) are increasing in popularity in commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. They are in favour due to low cost, high efficiency and a low global warming potential (GWP). However, hydrocarbon refrigerants are highly flammable, requiring great care when used within an electrical environment. International standards regarding such gases require controller relays to be sealed, preventing the ignition of flammable gas by relay sparks.

The introduction of this new controller suitable for use with hydrocarbon refrigerants emphasizes RDM’s commitment to adapting to new innovations in the HVACR industry in order to meet the needs of customers.

RDM’s new Mercury controller can be ordered under the part number PR0744. Two variants of the controller are available:  the ‘M’ version, for controlling mechanical valves or compressors, and the ‘E’ version, equipped with a solid-state relay (SSR) for control of pulse electronic expansion valves (EEVs).

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PRODUCT | Posted on 28 Apr 2022


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