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Resource Data Management (RDM) recently added a new hardware and software enhancement to its existing range of coldroom panels. The new Coldroom Panel represents a complete coldroom control package featuring a pressure transducer input and is intended for use with a pulse electronic expansion valve (EEV). For most applications, having a pressure transducer input enables more accurate valve and temperature control compared to solely using temperature probes.

New Software Features

The enhanced software includes a host of features designed to make the software more user-friendly and increase its compatibility with other hardware. The new features include:

  • Custom refrigerant gas table: Users can customise the table which enables the controller to support new refrigerant gas types
  • Custom pressure transducer input: Users can define milliamp (mA) or voltage (V) transducer input types, e.g. 0.5V – 4.5V allowing a pressure transducer to be connected directly to the controller.
  • EEV scaling: Allows valve output level to be adjusted to account for oversized valves.

Networking & Communications

Users will be able to choose whether to integrate networking options into the panel, which would allow the coldroom panel to be connected directly to a network without the need for an additional interface module. Integrated connectivity options include Ethernet IP, RS485. If coldroom panels do not feature integrated communications, they can be networked using external modules using the built-in RS232 port.

Further Information

For further details and product specifications about RDM’s new Coldroom Panel with transducer input, please contact us at

PRODUCT | Posted on 11 Nov 2019


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