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Whether you are installing HVACR and building control solutions and are looking for a supplier, or you have an HVACR solution installed and are wondering if your current system delivers the best results possible, you might have asked yourself this question. In this blog, we have collected a few answers for you. 

20 Years of Delivering Savings

Over the past 20 years, we have helped countless of clients save. We have helped them save energy, CO2 emissions, refrigerants, time, and, ultimately, money. We have also saved our clients from many costly situations: equipment breakdowns, unnecessary maintenance and inefficient HVACR systems. Throughout the past two decades, we have been trusted by renowned companies worldwide, such as Marks & Spencer, Co-op, Pets at Home, ATG, Ardent Leisure, Mitie and many more.

Five-Year Warranty

At RDM, we believe that everything should be built to last. From the very beginning, we were invested in keeping our impact on the planet as small as possible. Our products are manufactured with the aim to provide quality performance for years, not only helping our clients keep costs low but also limiting waste. We trust the quality of our products and back this claim with our industry-only, five-year warranty for the vast majority of our hardware.

Licence-Free Software

We do not charge any licence fees for our PLC software TDB. It is pre-installed on many of our HVACR controllers and the software licence lasts for the lifetime of the hardware. This means that in conjunction with our five-year warranty, our customers can enjoy the benefits of our TDB software for at least five years at no additional cost.

Along with the licence-free PLC software for our controllers, we also offer free-to-download PLC desktop editing software: TDB Editor. The TDB Editor allows users to create custom control algorithms for any application.

Open & Multi Protocols

Our solutions are designed to operate across truly open protocols. Open protocol solutions offer flexibility, scalability and reduced installation time, leading to cost savings and minimised disruption to operations during retro-fits. Choosing open protocol solutions also future-proofs the system. It allows installers to switch out devices as needed and for any compatible device, instead of being locked into using a certain supplier.

DMTouch, our control and monitoring system front-end, easily integrates into existing and proprietary HVAC and refrigeration infrastructure via Ethernet IP, BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, XML or HTTPS.

Our Intuitive controllers, based on open protocols, can communicate with various existing third-party devices on-site. The Intuitive range can control and monitor other devices via Modbus while communicating with the control system front-end via BACnet, XML and Web Services.

Free Training Courses

We’re committed to helping our customers get the very best results when using our hardware or software solutions. To do this, we offer free training courses tailored to individual requirements at our offices in Glasgow, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Auckland and Minneapolis. Our experts show the participants how to optimise RDM devices to reduce running costs and prolong equipment lifespan. We believe in helping our customers fully utilise all advantages our products offer which is why we do not charge for training courses.

In-House Technical Support

If our customers need assistance after purchasing any of our solutions, they will receive it directly from our in-house technical support teams. Based at our offices in the UK, US, and Malaysia, the teams are available to speak to directly via phone or live chat. We never route any of the calls through external centres. When calls are answered, customers can be sure that they are speaking to a highly-qualified member of the RDM technical support team.

Get in Touch

If you’re looking for more information about RDM or our solutions and services, simply get in touch.

BMS ENERGY IOT | Posted on 21 Apr 2022


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