How Can TouchXL Support Your Control Solution?

TouchXL is available as a front-end display for DMTouch or Intuitive Controllers, or as a controller and display in one, providing easy access to the data and settings of your building control system.

10.1" HD Display

A high-definition touchscreen provides fast and convenient access to the data on-site.

Controller & Display

Available as a display for Intuitive controllers or DMTouch, it is also available as a combined PLC controller and display in one.

Easy Data Access

TouchXL processes operating and energy data from HVACR devices displaying it in an easy-to-interpret format in real time.

Product Variants

DMTouch Display

TouchXLs are available as additional user interfaces and alarm consoles for DMTouch, our market-leading control system front-end.

Intuitive Display

TouchXLs are available as additional user interfaces and alarm consoles for Intuitive TDBs, our HVACR controllers designed for PLC applications.

Intuitive Controller

This variant is a PLC controller and display in one device, with RDM's PLC software TDB built-in.

10.1’’ Multi-Touch Screen

TouchXL processes data from other devices or inputs into easily interpreted information in real-time. The easy-to-read layouts and graphics are displayed on the high-definition touchscreen, enabling users to make informed decisions.

PLC Control

TDB is RDM's PLC software that can easily be configured in an almost infinite number of ways to precisely meet your control requirements. It’s available on the TouchXL TDB controller. By connecting to a TouchXL TDB controller, users can design, build and run their own TDB programs without desktop editing software.

Long-Term Security

Designed on the principles of reliability and longevity, TouchXLs are backed by our industry-leading five-year warranty. This gives users the peace of mind that they have a robust solution that will keep HVACR assets and controls safe.


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