How Can Mercury Controllers Support Your Control Solution?

Designed for various BMS, HVAC and refrigeration applications, the Mercury range is available in multiple hardware and software variants to precisely match the needs of individual projects and control systems. 

DIN or Panel Mount

Two build options are available to meet the individual requirements of different HVAC and refrigeration electrical panel designs.

Customisable Solutions

Configurable software, ancillaries, and built-in and optional communications mean that users only pay for the specifications they need.

BMS & Refrigeration

Software variants enable control and monitoring of temperature, light levels, pressure, and humidity in BMS and refrigeration applications.

Application Software

Application software includes frequency control for use with Embraco variable speed compressors in refrigeration cases, pack and coldroom control.

Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

Mercury controllers are available in a modified hardware version which is suitable for refrigerated cabinets and coldrooms using hydrocarbon refrigerants. This version features relays that are compliant with IEC 60079-0 and IEC 60079-15 standards regarding use in explosive gas atmospheres such as hydrocarbon refrigerants. 

Networking & Communications

Built-in and daughter card IP connectivity options remove the need for an external IP module for connection to an IP network. Optional integrated networking options allow users to connect directly to a network without the need for an additional interface module. Integrated connectivity options include Ethernet, IP or RS232.


For flexibility during installation and commissioning, Mercury controllers are supplied with a display and keypad built in or with a remote display. Remote displays retain all of the features of the built-in Mercury displays, giving full access to the menus and settings of the controller.

Long-Term Security

Designed on the principles of reliability and longevity, the Mercury range is backed by our industry-leading five-year warranty. This gives users the peace of mind that they have a robust solution that will keep HVACR assets and controls safe.


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