How Can Kwheb™ Support Your Control Solution?

Kwheb™ is a cloud-based dashboard that collates energy data from HVACR assets across an estate. It enables users to reduce energy consumption, increase profit and meet sustainability objectives.

Capture Energy Data

Data is collected from your energy meters, and processed by either a DMTouch or Intuitive TDB Controller.


In Kwheb, data is processed and presented to help you implement fixes or new processes.

Reduce Energy

Actions reduce energy expenditure, boosting profitability and allowing for re-investment.

Standalone or ActiveFM™

A standalone application, available either with or without ActiveFM™ software, Kwheb is a cloud-based dashboard that presents energy data in an easy-to-digest format. As part of an energy management strategy, the energy data and insights provided in the tool, help users reduce energy and carbon consumption and the associated energy cost and meet sustainability objectives.

Energy Dashboard

The dashboard home screen for Kwheb™ provides users with an overview of comparable data and hourly, daily and weekly consumption graphs. Multiple tabbed dashboards can be opened for specific regions, and individual sites within those regions, for easy-to-digest information at a glance.

Tracking & Analysis

In the Tracking tool, access consumption, hourly, daily, weekly, and annual cost summaries alongside meter readings and budget information. Data can be exported easily into Microsoft Excel for further analysis. Analysis tools enable users to look at their data from a more engaging perspective - including periodic variation, mean energy loads, site benchmarking, demand drill down and more.


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