How Do Coldroom Panels Support Your Control Strategy?

Designed for either low or high-temperature coldroom or cold walk-in storage applications, our Coldroom panels use proven technology already found within our Mercury range of temperature controllers.

Mercury Technology

Using the proven technology found within our Mercury range of HVAC and refrigeration temperature controllers.

EEV & LLV Variants

Available in either EEV or LLV build variants to control PWM or stepper electronic expansion valves or liquid line valves respectively.

HT or LT Control

Built-in parameters and configurations to control either high-temperature produce or low-temperature freezer cold rooms.

Product Variants


Based on RDM Mercury technology, the controller has parameters that give this product complete flexibility for the control of either produce (HT) or freezer (LT) coldrooms.


Designed specifically for use in applications using a motorised stepper valve for the control of refrigerant, with the option to add a pressure transducer.


A low-cost self-contained controller, the SmaRt Coldroom is intended for use in refrigerated coldrooms, cooling and fan control.

Quick Configuration

Built-in parameters and default configurations provide flexibility to control either high-temperature (HT) produce or low-temperature (LT) freezer coldrooms or walk-ins. Customisation can also be carried out efficiently, via the panel display, PC connection, and Caesium programming adapter or via a network connection to the DMTouch or Intuitive Controller.

Networking & Communications

Optional integrated networking solutions allow you to connect a Coldroom controller directly to your network without the need for an additional interface module. Options include Ethernet IP and RS485. The networking and communication options facilitate temperature data logging, food safety and HACCP compliance.


Coldroom panels are contained within a purpose-built enclosure with a detachable remote display. For flexibility, the display panel is removable and can be mounted on the wall up to five metres away. Model-dependent, Coldroom panels are available with or without a mains isolation switch, built-in circuit breakers, or circuit fusing. A host of energy-saving features are also available including configurable lighting, a built-in alarm buzzer, defrost-skip, and fan pulse control.

Long-Term Security

Designed on the principles of reliability and longevity, the Coldroom range is backed by our industry-leading five-year warranty. This gives users the peace of mind that they have a robust solution that will keep HVACR assets and controls safe.


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