How Can RDM's Bluetooth Solution Support Your HVACR Control & Monitoring Strategy?

RDM's Bluetooth solution allows wireless control and monitoring of HVACR assets - ideal for space-restricted areas and retrofits. Utilising a mesh topology, the solution features robust, reliable data transmission.

Mesh Topology

Our Bluetooth solution uses a mesh topology. Signals can hop between available modules bypassing obstacles to reach their destination, creating a reliable infrastructure.


The wireless devices are ideal for retrofits or small spaces where a wired solution might be costly to install due to the building's structure.

HACCP Compliance

A battery-powered temperature probe with integral data storage capabilities facilitates food safety regulatory compliance.

Product Variants

I/O Modules

The input/output modules provide wireless HVACR monitoring and control. The inputs support resistive temperature probes or can be used as digital inputs for fault monitoring. Relay outputs enable control of equipment.

Network Interface

This interface allows a range of RDM devices to communicate via Bluetooth with RDM's control and monitoring system front-end DMTouch or miniDM.

Temperature Probe

The easy-to-install battery-powered Bluetooth Temperature Probe sends temperature recordings to the front-end to support food safety regulatory compliance.

Access Point

All RDM Bluetooth devices communicate with RDM's control and monitoring system front-end via access points.

Reliable Wireless Network

Featuring a mesh topology, the RDM Bluetooth range offers a robust, reliable network. Within mesh networks, signals can hop in between available modules, rather than following a pre-set path.

Going between modules allows the signals to bypass obstacles to reach their destination, providing a reliable data transmission. Signal repeaters are also available to further strengthen the network.

Front-End Communication 

The entire RDM Bluetooth range can communicate with RDM's control and monitoring system front-end, DMTouch or miniDM. Signals are routed through access points which can be placed over multiple floors, ensuring that data can be received and sent across long distances.

Long-Term Security

Designed on the principles of reliability and longevity, our Bluetooth range is backed by our industry-leading five-year warranty. This gives users the peace of mind that they have a robust solution that will keep HVACR assets and controls safe.


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