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With the year coming to an end, we look back over our blogs, case studies and whitepapers published in 2019. Our favourites are those that celebrate success, use innovative solutions and excite about the future. They include new analyses about the food industry, insights into achieving net-zero targets and sustainability projects.

1.)  100% Solar-Powered Coldrooms

RDM’s Dutch partner Vink Koeltechniek developed coldrooms powered only by solar energy. Perfect for regions without a steady power grid, remote locations or disaster-stricken areas, the coldrooms provide reliable cooling for food and medicine.

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2.)  Seven Month ROI for Malaysian Retailer

Malaysian retailer Econsave decided to retrofit six sites to minimise energy consumption and associated costs. The retrofit included the installation of an energy management system and of air conditioning, inverter, maximum demand and AHU controls. One of the stores achieved a payback of as little as seven months.

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3.)  Retailer Installs first Waterloop Solution in New Zealand

New Zealand food retailer Foodstuffs reduced its refrigerant charge by 90% after installing the first waterloop system in the country. With minimal disruptions to store operations and customer service, Foodstuffs chiller and freezer display cabinets were retrofitted, maximising energy efficiency and minimising environmental impact.

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4.)  Utilising PLC Software to achieve Net-Zero Targets

With net-zero targets passed into law by the UK government earlier this year, changes will need to be made across all sectors to ensure the UK is carbon neutral by 2050. Having a well-tailored PLC strategy in place at any type of facility will help optimise operating processes and decrease energy consumption.

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5.)  Smart Cities: Increasing the Sustainability of Urban Spaces

How can smart cities help reduce emissions, curb energy use and create enjoyable living spaces for residents? Take a look at our analyses of new technologies, government projects and criticism raised about privacy and expensive investments.

Read the blog or download the whitepaper for an in-depth perspective

6.)  Temperature Compliance in the Foodservice Industry

Environmentally-conscious consumers, demand for safer food and increasing competition are affecting foodservice industries worldwide. Ensuring food safety regulatory compliance is essential to keep customers safe and protect the business. For more information, read our discussion about the effects of food safety scandals and solutions for temperature compliance.

Read the blog or download the whitepaper for an in-depth analysis

Refrigeration BMS | Posted on 10 Dec 2019


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