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1.) Developing products for optimal efficiency

Sustainability is key to what we do and is the very principal the company was founded on. RDM is fundamentally about reducing energy, waste and the carbon footprint, by offering remote monitoring, diagnostics and data to help current and future systems work at their optimal efficiency.

We will continue to innovate and improve our products and operational processes with environmental consideration at the heart of every decision.

2.) Manufacturing products efficiently

We integrate our environmental standards into our own manufacturing processes. We ethically source components, recycle the water used to flush away flux from PCBs, and met all ROHS compliancy requirements well before the legal implementation date. Instead of using polystyrene foam and plastic packaging, we use recycled card and paper.

We will continue to work with our manufacturing division to develop further environmentally-friendly operating processes.

3.) Minimal energy consumption

Over the years, we have implemented energy saving measures at our offices, including free air cooling for the IT and data suite, LED lighting, newly insulated roofs and occupancy detectors. In 2008, we were the first company in Glasgow to install two 15kw wind turbines which was sufficient to cover our night load and 60-70% of our daytime load.

We will continue to adopt technology that will further reduce the energy consumption of our offices around the world.

4.) Electric company cars

In 2014, we changed our company car policy to specify Hybrid cars as the preferred option. From January 2020 onwards, all new company cars are 100% electric.

We will continue to invest in sustainable methods of transportation as the industry changes.

5.) Helping customers save energy

Our wide range of products helps our customers reduce their energy consumption. Our system head-end DMTouch monitors energy usage of metered consumables, displays statistics and trends. Our programmable logic control software enables users to set up efficient building management systems, and energy management software kWheb helps users optimise their energy use.

We will continue to develop solutions that will support our customers with their goal to reduce energy use. 

6.) Helping customers reduce carbon footprint

Our remote monitoring service ActiveFM has helped customers lower their carbon footprint for the past 20 years. Providing predictive maintenance and collecting non-critical alarms, the frequency of maintenance call-outs has been significantly reduced.

We will continue to improve our services that will help our customers lower their carbon footprints and achieve their sustainability goals.

7.) Open protocols

All of RDM’s products are based on truly open protocols enabling them to communicate with third-party products and seamlessly integrate into their systems. It allows our customers to utilise existing equipment in good working order. Additionally, it minimises installation cost and removing the need to decommission hardware that could potentially end up as landfill.

We will never lock users into proprietary systems. Our product development will continue to be based on truly open protocol solutions.

8.) Committed to shared goals

Our customers are looking for ways to decrease their energy consumption and increase the efficiency of their businesses. Sustainability is at the heart of RDM’s business practices and research and development.

We will continue to invest in the development of solutions that will increase business efficiency to achieve our shared goal: consume less energy and have a minimal impact on the environment.

9.) Support our industry

When the company started to grow, we began to actively support the industry we are a part of. We are now members of IWFM, were one of the founding members of BCIA, as well as sponsor and contribute to the promotion of the annual World Refrigeration Day.

We will stay active in the industry and continue to support and spark development to benefit everyone involved.

10.) Keeping prices low

We are proud to say that we have had only one price increase since the company was founded. Instead, we continuously innovated our business operation to control and save costs. This offset inflation and enabled us to maintain our prices without regular annual increases.

We will continue to optimise our business practises to ensure that price increases will be kept to an absolute minimum.

11.) Freedom of Choice

Businesses who select our solutions to be installed on their sites are free to choose their own contractor. Instead of having to hire companies specified by RDM, customers can choose those they think will meet their requirements best.

We will never specify installation and maintenance contractors. Every company using RDM solutions will continue to be free to choose their installer.

12.) Turnkey solutions

From the outset RDM has provided to end-to-end solutions, to provide customers with seamless integration from device control through to remote monitoring, energy management and predictive maintenance.

Our solutions will continue to encompass hardware and software, to offer customers the best service.

13.) Commitment to new Technologies

Whether it’s Bluetooth, fibre optic cables or smart devices, we have been integrating new technologies into our solutions from the beginning.

We will continue to harness the potential of new technological developments to offer our customers innovative solutions.

14.) Committed to Innovation

We have been advocating the Internet of Things before it was known as such and have promoted truly open protocol solutions before Industry 4.0 demanded them of suppliers.

We will continue to be pioneers in the industry and will always be committed to innovation.

15.) In-house product design and manufacture

RDM’s substantial growth over the last years has not changed the fact that we design and manufacture all of our products in-house. Neither software nor hardware products are outsourced for development or production, which means that everything our customers purchase has been produced according to RDM standards, quality control and business practices.

We will continue to design and manufacture all of our solutions in-house to ensure that every product that leaves our doors has been subject to company policy.

16.) Five-Year Warranty

Our products are designed with reliability in mind. We are confident in their quality and have offer a five-year warranty for the majority of our products.

We will continue to develop our solutions on the basis of longevity and will continue our five-year warranty policy.

17.) Free Training Courses

We offer free training courses on all of our solutions at our headquarters in Glasgow. We believe that providing our customers with comprehensive product knowledge will help them utilise our solutions to their full extent.

We will continue to support our customers with free training courses on our range of solutions to help them achieve their goals.

18.) Global Technical Support

Our global technical support teams are available to answer any customer queries. Based in-house, the teams can be reached directly via phone, e-mail or live chat to respond quickly to any technical questions.

We will not outsource our technical support, our teams will continue to be available in-house to answer any questions directly. Calls will not be routed through external call centres.

19.) Free after-sales support

At RDM we believe in our solutions and think that any issues that arise should not result in further costs for the customer.

We have never and will never charge customers for after-sales support.

20.) In-House Customer Support

Any queries regarding orders are handled by our dedicated in-house sales and admin teams. Our staff are available to personally answer any questions and resolve issues swiftly.

We will continue to provide customer support ourselves. The team will be available in-house and calls will not be handled externally.

IOT Refrigeration & BMS | Posted on 08 Sep 2020


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