Providing Remote Insights to Operating Data Without Subscription Fees

Resource Data Management (RDM) is proud to announce a new project helping blood banks ensure stable temperature conditions in their cold storage facilities. The recent expansion into this industry sees RDM support businesses all over the US.

The unmatched remote monitoring capabilities of RDM’s control and monitoring system front-end DMTouch are central to this project. DMTouch provides remote access to granular data such as freezer room and product temperatures, refrigeration system performance, condensing unit pressure control, and door open counts within the storage areas.

The data is accessible on the device onsite or remotely via a standard web browser. RDM does not charge users to view their own data so that users can see, analyze, and interpret their data without any monthly subscription fees.

Accessing the data allows the users to make changes to the system where necessary to improve performance. When analyzing the correlation between the number of door openings and changes in freezer room temperature, procedural changes can be implemented that prevent a potential rise in temperatures.

RDM’s Intuitive refrigeration controllers manage the refrigeration systems onsite, to help ensure efficient, stable cooling of the storage areas. RDM’s PLC software TDB was used to create custom strategies to ensure that the refrigeration system runs as efficiently as possible. Built-in as standard on a range of Intuitive devices, TDB’s software license lasts for the lifetime of the controller without monthly fees. TDB is also available as a free-to-download desktop editor.

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