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The first annual World Refrigeration Day will take place on the 26 June 2019. Resource Data Management is proud to be an official sponsor and supporter. Spearheaded by Stephen Gill, the initiative will raise the profile of the important contribution that refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps make globally across so many aspects of modern life – from medical to food supply and farming, process engineering to data and IT, refrigeration technologies are essential and yet go widely unrecognised.

This global event will bring together the world's community to celebrate the success and achievements of the RACHP sector through a series of international events and a social media campaign.

The date – which marks the birthday of thermodynamic engineer, Lord Kelvin – is now fixed in the industry’s calendar and this year’s activities will help to promote and grow the event. I’m particularly pleased,” added Steve Gill, “that the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) will be using WRD to promote the responsible use of refrigerants in 147 developing economies.”

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GLOBAL | Posted on 04 Jun 2019


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