Resource Data Management (RDM) are proud to continue their sponsorship of World Refrigeration Day. The annual international initiative was established by the World Refrigeration Day Secretariat in 2019. Since then, the campaigns have raised awareness about the importance of refrigeration in our daily lives and keeping its environmental impact to a minimum.

In 2022, World Refrigeration Day features the theme “Cooling Matters”. Cooling matters in every aspect of life and this year’s campaigns carry the objective to raise public awareness about its importance, how it impacts daily lives and the environmental impact of our technology choices for future generations.

One of this year’s awareness campaigns is called “Cooling Keeps Food Fresh”. For this event, United Nations Environment Program OzoneAction, Chefs4thePlanet, and Global Food Cold Chain Council are partnering to raise awareness for cooling’s essential role in food safety and reducing food waste. Cooling is fundamental to help people access safe food and protect the environment from the harmful effects of greenhouse gas emissions generated by food waste.

At RDM, we understand the importance of sustainable cooling and are delighted to once again support World Refrigeration Day in accelerating the adoption of environmentally-friendly, efficient cooling solutions.

Find out more about this year’s World Refrigeration Day.