A new control solution installed by UEM Edgenta, the Joint Venture between (Resource Data Management) RDM Asia and the UEM Group has delivered energy savings of 51% for a Malaysian hospital, with 30% of savings attributed to RDM controls.

The solution installed over a 30-day period in July 2017, featured a full air-conditioning replacement and a new chiller unit. RDM equipment included control system front-end DMTouch, multiple Intuitive TDB controllers, and sensors.

DMTouch connects directly to the new chiller unit via a BAC net interface, situated centrally it allows users both on and off-site to view and manage critical operating data. Intuitive TDB controllers, recently made available with an optional built-in LCD, are connected to all of the air-handling units, controlling the PIBCV Valves, fans and compressors.

Energy consumption in July 2017, before the new installation, was 681,280 kWh. In September, following the initial installation energy consumption dropped to 500,650 kWh. Between December and March, average energy consumption reduced further to 331,510 kWh per month on average due to enhancement to the control logic and algorithms done over RDM’s TDB Program. Representing an overall reduction of 51.34%, with 30% of the saving attributed directly to RDM's controls.

UEM Edgenta, conceived in 2015 between RDM Asia and UEM Group has allowed for capitalisation on RDM Asia’s technical experience in energy management, remote monitoring and HVACR control solutions. Last year the joint venture announced a partnership with Microsoft (Read the article here). The UEM Edgenta monitoring bureau now benefits from advanced Microsoft tools like their Azure IoT hub and machine learning.

For more information about DMTouch or our Intuitive TDB Controllers, please visit the respective product pages, or speak to a member of the RDM Asia team on + 603 5022 3188 or asiasales@resourcedm.com