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With celebrations, gifts and lavish meals, it is well documented that the festive holiday can prove costly. Which means it’s also an important time of year to focus on savings. Wouldn’t the best gift, therefore, be one which could save you energy and cut costs? Then our DMTouch is ready and waiting at the top of your wish list.

Streamlined Interactions:

Unlike competing products, our DMTouch is based on open communications and, after appropriate activation, will communicate with multiple third-party protocols. No need to replace existing equipment with expensive hardware or suffer from the outdated kit. It also facilitates remote access - giving you the ability to monitor and control your sites from anywhere, at any time and work to your own convenience.

Long-Term Security:

At RDM we design our products with reliability and longevity in mind. We are so confident that many are backed with a five-year warranty as standard, including our DMTouch. This means you can feel secure in the knowledge that your solution is built to last.

Sleek Design:

With a high-definition, multi-touch display, our DMTouch offers information in a more visually stimulating format. No confusing user interface or garish design, our solution is sleek and streamlined to give you effortless control.

How do you think Santa's operations run so smoothly?

Our DMTouch is streamlined, sleek and secure and enables you to save energy and time with better control of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) and Building Management System (BMS) devices. There are also a host of energy-saving features built-in and available with activation. From monitoring metered consumables like water, gas, and electricity to pack optimisation, night blinds check and more – our DMTouch is the gift that keeps on giving.

What Next

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ENERGY | Posted on 30 Nov 2018


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