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We’re thrilled to be celebrating Resource Data Management’s (RDM’s) 20th anniversary on 8th September. Leading up to this occasion, we reflected on the company’s journey, its development and growth, and now it’s time to hear from some of those people without whom, the company would not be where it is today. Asking staff across continents and departments to share their insights and wisdom, we have captured their thoughts in this blog.

Belonging to the RDM Family

The colleagues who answered our questions have worked for RDM from anywhere between two and 20 years. With such a diverse scope in length of service, we were expecting a range of answers. But one key element that stood out was how many people used the word ‘family’ in their responses to questions about working at RDM.

Eleanor Dick, UK Sales Admin Manager, perfectly summed up the sentiment in her response: “As I have been involved with RDM, since the beginning, I look upon RDM as being part of my extended family.  It gives me a great sense of pride to have been part of the team that has helped build the company.”

Working in their Field of Interest

The job we work in may not always be the one we saw for ourselves when we pictured our future. So we asked our colleagues how they came to work in their field. It was enjoyable to read the answers that speak of a passion for their nature of work, whether it’s for anything technical, for numbers and spreadsheets, or helping clients.

Douglas Selfridge, UK IT Manager, highlights his motivation: “I enjoy learning new things and the role certainly provides a variety: from physics, electronics, software to networking & IT.” That the team at RDM enjoy the daily work has certainly manifested itself in the company’s development.

Since they have found a sense of purpose in their roles, we asked if they would share advice for anyone starting out in their sector. They were happy to oblige and gave insightful feedback:

“Always be resourceful and don’t be afraid to ask question. Mistakes happen, that’s how we gain experience.” Nik Yusani Nik Ismail – Technical Manager RDM Asia

“Work hard, learn, listen to all advice, whether good or bad, and build up a good base of knowledgeable people.” Charlie Costley – UK Account Manager

“Be disruptive, be innovative and always be passionate.” Enrico Mirandola – Chief Group Sales & Marketing Officer

Making Memories & Learning for Life

Since some of the colleagues we spoke to have been here for the majority of RDM’s existence while others are just starting out, we were intrigued to find out what some of their favourite memories were.

Ehwan Sidarman, Senior Technical Engineer at RDM Asia for the last three years, pointed out how much he enjoyed his first project of managing an installation for a local supermarket.

Christine McRitchie, HR Manager and with RDM from the start highlighted her most rewarding experience: “Many memories are from when staff are struggling with issues and they have trusted me enough to approach me to talk about it.”

Others have said social times spent with their team members or working with them on projects are what they have enjoyed the most. Enrico Mirandola remembered the time he was involved in opening overseas affiliates and travelling to around the world with a colleague to meet people from international offices.

And what are some of the career lessons staff have learnt at RDM?

“To work as a team member and to realise there are many ways to carry out the same job.” – Charlie Costley – UK Account Manager

“Never stop learning.” Norhanim Saad – Admin Executive RDM Asia

“Always be yourself and fight for what you believe and want to achieve. Don’t allow other people to impact negatively your morale and motivation.” – Enrico Mirandola

Personal Values & Motivations

We are used to seeing our colleagues for the majority of our time during the week. But what are they up to outside of work?

When they’re leaving the office, most of them are looking forward to spending time with their friends and family, going hiking or running, and relaxing with a good book or movie.

Favourite Quotes & Advice

Sometimes all it takes is an inspiring quote to influence a decision or provide courage. We collected some of the ones that our colleagues swear by.

“Everything happens for a reason.” Ahmad Shah Azril – IT Engineer RDM Asia

“Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Louise Weir – UK HR/Accounts Administrator

“Why do we fall, so that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” Douglas Selfridge – Senior Supervisor Technical Support, UK

Often, the best advice we receive in life is from someone who is close to us. We asked everyone if they’d like to share the advice that has shaped their lives. Since we had found out from other answers how much influence their families have on their lives, it came as no surprise that most of the time, the words of wisdom came from a family member or mentor. We hope you might find some of it useful as well.

Enrico Mirandola: Be humble, put your family always first and share your life with people you really love and care. – My grandfather

Christine McRitchie: When you have made an important decision, don’t look back on what might have been, look forward. – My uncle

Louise Weir: Take a deep breath.  - My great-niece, aged 4

It was a rewarding experience to get to know our colleagues better. We hope this blog has provided some insights into what it’s like to work at RDM as well as personal some inspiration.


IOT BMS | Posted on 08 Sep 2020


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