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End-to-End Control Solutions

Resource Data Management offers customers the full range of hardware and software solutions to facilitate the control and monitoring of HVACR infrastructure, from the device level. Cloud-based analytics allow you to benchmark performance across sites and regions, off-site, with real-time asset and service management.

Our products include DMTouch, the market-leading control system front-end, and Intuitive controllers available multiple build formats for PLC, plant, stepper, CO2 and circuit control. The Mercury range delivers temperature control for refrigeration and HVAC applications.

Monitoring your HVACR assets is vital in ensuring their health whilst identifying any issues that may surface. Remote Monitoring takes this a step further and gives you the ability to manage and solve any of these problems without having to physically visit the location – saving labour costs and, in turn, money. ActiveFM™ is award-winning enterprise software that supports essential monitoring and event handling, to provide a fully integrated facilities management solution.

HACCP Assurance & Compliance

The preventive approach of HACCP procedures improves not only food safety management but also contributes to other quality management processes. HACCP underpins every control strategy for those whose services deliver

RDM hardware and software solutions provide a cost-effective monitoring and preventative control solution, for production, through to storage, distribution and sale. Notable benefits of improved food safety and quality standards include cost-savings, compliance with HACCP laws, reduced man-hours and improved labour efficiencies.

We can help you:

  • Identify Critical Control Points
  • Establish Critical Limits
  • Establish Monitoring Procedures
  • Set-up Corrective Action Procedures
  • Establish Verification Procedures
  • Put in Place Effective Record-keeping Procedures

Why are RDM Controls Considered the Best?

Many of our products are customisable with optional communications and expansions options and supported by a wide range of accessories. They are also back with a long-term five-year warranty, delivering peace of mind and confidence in durability and performance. From our training centres in the UK, USA and Malaysia we offer free training courses to help you get the very best results when installing or working with our solutions.

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer remote upgrades, which means that you can upgrade the software on devices on-site without the hassle or cost associated with uninstalling and sending it back to us.

Something else that sets us apart is that our open protocols mean our products can interface and manage your existing infrastructure, and we’ll never lock you into our systems.

Energy Reduction & Savings

For almost 20 years Resource Data Management control solutions have been used by retailers and companies worldwide to support energy and carbon reduction strategies. Long-standing customer Marks and Spencer, has saved millions in energy costs and minimised their carbon footprint. Their sustainability initiative, Plan A, aims to reduce energy consumption by 50% by 2020, and greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030. To date, since Plan A was launched in 2006,  with the support of both RDM controls throughout all of their stores and our remote monitoring and facilities management software solutions, Marks and Spencer have achieved many of their eco and ethical commitments in addition to saving over £750 million in energy costs.

This is just one example of savings achieved by our customers, read our case studies to find out how Pets at Home reduced energy consumption by 34% in just one year, a Malaysian Hospital achieved energy savings of 51%, and American retailer Lunds And Byerlys saved $8 million.

BMS | Posted on 10 Apr 2019


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