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At Resource Data Management, we understand that no two control solutions are ever the same. For this reason, we stock a wide range of accessory products to complement and enhance our core product lines, DMTouch, Intuitive, Mercury and more.


Options include Daughter Cards, and Expansion Boards can be added to many of our products to facilitate the control of over 600 points from just one device.


Options include both on and off-device displays. Our flagship display being the TouchXL with a 10.1" HD multi-touch screen.


As a pioneer advocating genuinely open control systems, we offer multiple communication options including IP, RS284, BACnet and CAN bus.

RDM Open Protocols

DMTouch Accessories

DMTouch is available with a range of accessories, displays and expansion modules to match the unique security, connectivity and presence requirements of your project and installation. Options include displays, expansion boards, energy-saving features, software activations, and communication modules that expand the capabilities of the market-leading control system head-end.

RDM long term security

Intuitive Accessories

Intuitive Controllers feature a mix of built-in communications, including IP USB, and CAN bus for simple connectivity to devices and peripherals. They are also complemented by a range of expansion devices that allow you to expand inputs and outputs, to control over 600 HVACR devices or points with just one controller. Display options, to complement the on-device display, include 4” and 10.1” options.


Mercury Accessories

Display, communication and expansion options are available for all of our product ranges. Options include remote displays, networking options and interfacing equipment. We also have a wide range of humidistat, sensors, temperate data loggers and more, all designed to help you get the most from your control and monitoring solution.


Our product data sheets, brochures and user guides have been designed to give you all of the information that you may need. Providing everything from a brief overview of the features and benefits, to detailed information to install or commission your solution.

gbus Intuitive Expansion Boards Installation & User Guide 1.3 A 11 Nov 2022 Installation Guide PR0660 PR0661 PR0662 PR0610 PR0611 PR0612 PR0625 PRO660 PRO661 PRO662 PRO610 PRO611 PRO612 PRO625 PR660 PR661 PR662 PR610 PR611 PR612 PR625 PR-660 PR-661 PR-662 PR-610 PR-611 PR-612 PR-625 PR0663 PRO663 PR663 PR-663 PR0653 PRO653 653 PR0681 681 PRo681
gbus Mercury IO Module Installation & User Guide v3.0 D 10 Jun 2019 Installation Guide PR0740-IOR pro740-ior
gbus Humidity And Temperature Display Installation & User Guide v1.1 B 17 May 2019 Commissioning Guide PR0445-LCD PR0445LCD PRO445-LCD PRo445LCD PR445-LCD PR445LCD PR0445-BMS PR0445BMS PRO445-BMS PRO445BMS PR445-BMS PR445BMS
gbus Intuitive Development Kit Data Sheet 1 09 May 2019 Datasheet RDMINTDEV
gbus RDM 3 Phase Energy Meter (0.33V CT) Installation & User Guide v1.4 B 05 Dec 2022 Installation Guide PR0670-3PH PRO670-3PH PR670-3PH PR0670 3PH PRo670 3PH PR06703PH PRO6703PH PR0670-3PH-DIN
gbus Air Duct & Pipe Pocket Probe Data Sheet 1 10 Jul 2019 Datasheet PR0196-10K2 PR196-10K2 PR0196-1K2 PRo196-10K2 PRo196-1oK2
gbus MS0021 Inhand Router User Guide 1.0 10 Nov 2021 Installation Guide MS0021, MSOO21, MS 0021, MS OO21, 0021
gbus Intuitive Controller Touchscreen Display v1.6 - 09 Jan 2019 Installation Guide PR0615 PRO615 PR615 PR-615
gbus Wireless Battery Probe User Guide v1.0 I 25 Aug 2016 User Guides PR0732 PRO732 PR732 PR-732 PR0732-NI PRO732-NI PR732-NI PR0732-POE PRO732-POE PR732 POE PR0733 PRO733 PR733 PR-733 PR0734 PRO734 PR734 PR-734
gbus Wall Mountable LDR Light Sensor v1.1 A 11 Feb 2012 User Guides PR0193 PRO193 PR193 PR-193
gbus Touchxl Orbit Commissioning Guide v1.0.2 A 02 Aug 2019 Commissioning Guide PR0617 PRo617 PRO617 PR-617
gbus Touchxl Intuitive Display Commissioning Guide v1.0.3 A 16 Mar 2018 Commissioning Guide PR0617 PRo617 PRO617 PR-617
gbus Mercury Switch Installation & User Guide v2.7 A 01 Jan 2018 Installation Guide PR0018 PR0018-F PR0018-PHI PR0018-PHI-F o018
gbus 4 Port USB Hub User Guide v1.1 A 23 Mar 2018 Installation Guide PR0624 PRO624 PR624 PR-624
gbus USB Current Monitor User Guide Software v1.3 - 24 Jan 2018 User Guides PR0626, PR626, PRO626, PR-626, PR0626 DIN, PR626 DIN, PRO626 DIN, PR-626 DIN
gbus USB 3G Modem Installation & User Guide v1.6 A 14 Apr 2017 Installation Guide PR0496-3G PRO496-3G PR496-3G
gbus PR0622-PR0622 DIN-USB 8 Channel Pulse Reader-Installation Guide v1.0 1.0a 30 May 2023 User Guides PR0622 PR0622-DIN PRO622 PRO622-DIN PR622 PR622-DIN PR-622 PR-622-DIN
se Mercury Switch Användar Manual v2.7 A 02 Aug 2019 Commissioning Guide PR0018 PR0018-F PR0018-PHI PR0018-PHI-F o018
gb USB To RS485 Modbus Interface Commissioning & User Guide v1.0 E 21 Mar 2023 Commissioning Guide PR0623 PRO623 PR0623DIN PRO623DIN 623
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