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Real-time data overview for you or your client's enterprise estate.

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Live. Anywhere in the World

Live Maps, as part of ActiveFMTM, offers access to the status of you or your customer’s energy estate as a real-time, interactive, and easy-to-use map application with no specific software (other than a web browser) required.

Features include quick site view and controller interrogation alongside intuitive map functions like site search and manipulation.

Live Maps on Laptop
Map Pop Up

Quick Site View

See the most important statistics about a specific site in one click using our quick site view display panel.

Information regarding indoor and outdoor temperatures, indoor humidity, and refrigeration pressures, for example, can be shown in the pop-up.


Controller Interrogation

Live Maps seamlessly integrates with your existing Resource Data Management infrastructure and equipment.

For fine-grain statistics and operating information, you can interrogate your onsite DMTouch or Intuitive controllers via web browser access.

Map Pop Up

Site Search

For clients with multiple sites across a small geographical area, or when the user has little geographical knowledge of the managed area, site search means that you can find a particular site quickly by name or number.

Map Status Types

Multiple Map Types & Views

Live Maps’ coloured overlay is designed to give the user, at a glance, an indication of how their sites are performing.

To maximise the information available as an overlay, users can switch between: site case availability, CO2 sites, pack status, temperature performance indication and basic temperature, or display maps as separate monitors and detail different alarm conditions.

Active FM

Live Maps, as part of ActiveFMTM

Live Maps is available as an add on to our all encompassing enterprise remote monitoring and energy management solution ActiveFMTM.

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