DMTouch Accessories

DMTouch Accessories

The DMTouch is available with a range of accessories and expansion modules to match the unique security, connectivity and presence requirements of your project and installation.

48 Channel Temperature Monitor

48 Channel Temperature Monitor


Allows for an additional 48 inputs to be added to the DMTouch or Data Manager. Inputs can be individually configured as temperature probes, switched fault inputs or defrost inputs.

TouchXL Orbit

TouchXL Orbit


Facilitates and additional user interface and alarm console for a Data Manager or DMTouch. All of the menus and screens that are available on a DMTouch are also available on the TouchXL Orbit.


Card Reader

Card Reader


The swipe card reader is an easy and convenient way to control access to the DMTouch and can be used as an alternative to the PIN access method.

Battery Backup

Battery Backup


The DMTouch battery backup unit provides power to the device in the event of a mains power failure, it comprises of a heavy duty rechargeable battery and control board.

USB 3G Modem

USB 3G Modem


This modem allows the DMTouch to send out alarms without the need for a phone line or IP network. Alarms can be sent out as text messages, via a mobile network, as they occur. (UK Only)

Ethernet Adaptor

Ethernet Adapter


The Ethernet adaptor provides an additional Ethernet interface which enables the DMTouch to be connected to another IP network. Typically a building network or an internet router.

USB Analogue Modem

USB Analogue Modem


This adaptor makes it easy to connect directly to the DMTouch or Data Manager via an existing analogue telephone line by utilising one of the USB ports on the device. 

Remote Alarm Beacon

Remote Alarm Beacon


Supplied with an adaptor cable to connect straight to the DMTouch, the beacon flashes at a rate of 60 per minute, is waterproof (IP65) and has a clear filter.

Probe Input Expansion

Probe Input Expansion Card


The Probe Input Expansion card provides an additional 12 temperature probes or digital inputs to the DMTouch.

Relay Expansion

Relay Expansion Card


Provides an additional three relay outputs on the DMTouch.

4-20mA Input Expansion

4-20mA Input Expansion Card


The 4-20mA Input Expansion card provides four analogue inputs to the DMTouch. The inputs are for use with 4-20mA two wire devices such as a pressure transducer.

4-20mA Output Expansion

4-20mA Output Expansion Card


Provides four 4-20mA analogue outputs on the DMTouch which can be utilised by a TDB program running within the device.

0-5/0-10V Output Expansion

0-5V/0-10V Output Expansion Card


Provides four 0-5V or 0-10V analogue outputs on the DMTouch which can be utilised by a TDB program running within the device.

0-5V/0-10V Input Expansion

0-5V/0-10V Input Expansion Card


Provides four 0-5V or 0-10V analogue inputs on the DMTouch. This can be used with two wire devices with a voltage signal output, such as a humidity sensor.

0-10V Input/Output Expansion

0-10V Input/Output Expansion Card


Provides two 0-10V inputs and two 0-10V outputs to a DMTouch.

Status Input Expansion

Status Input Expansion Card


Provides six mains voltage status inputs into the DMTouch.


USB to RS485

USB to RS485 Modbus® Interface


Modbus® RS485 interface which connects to the DMTouch via simple plug and play USB installation.

Fibre Install

Fibre Interface Activation


Enables the DMTouch to run over extremely long distances using low cost fibre optic cable and without the need for repeaters to boost signals.

RS485 Genus

USB RS485 Genus® Interface


Adds an additional RS485 network interface for communications with upto 32 Genus® compatible devices (subject to activation). Up to 64 devices on one DMTouch.


USB to LON® Adaptor


Allows for the connection of certain LON enabled devices to the DMTouch (or Data Manager). Currently there is provision for Danfoss LON devices only.

RS485 to IP

RS485 to IP Communications Module


The RS485 to IP module is used to convert RS485 Modbus® traffic, from a third party network, into Modbus TCP/IP traffic for use with the DMTouch.

USB/485 Tektroniks

USB/485 Tektroniks® Adaptor


Tektroniks network support can be enabled using the RDM USB to RS485 Tektroniks compatible network adaptor. Supports two network lines with up to 32 devices on each.


DMTouch Network Interface Enablers

Description Part Number
100 Base-FX Fibre Networking Interface PR0150F
RS485 Genus Compatible Network (First 32 Devices) PR0480
IP Network (32 Devices) PR0481
USB RS485 Genus Compatible Adaptor (2 x Networks) PR0482
Parasense Gas Interface Enable PR0469
Modbus TCP Interface Enable PR0470
Emerson VSD Modbus Enable PR0470-ECT
Description Part Number
BACnet Interface Enable PR0471
Secondary IP Interface (Hardware & Software) PR0486
Modbus RS485 Adaptor (Hardware & Software) PR0623
Mesh System Wireless Enable PR0735
CBISS Gas Interface Enable PR0498
Shuttle USB Logger Reader (Data Manager Software Enable) PR0499
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