Measure, monitor and save with cloud based energy management from RDM.

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Cloud based energy management.

Be one step ahead with Kwheb, RDM's cloud-based energy dashboard. Now with Tracking and Analysis.

Kwhebtakes a fresh approach to energy and building management, enabling you to track your consumption to an even finer level of detail than ever before and utilise the in-built analytics to quickly build a picture of your energy consumption.

With Kwheb, you have the power to manage to reduce energy consumption, increase profit and meet sustainability objectives.

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Gather Insight

Simply log on and have access to real-time actionable insight that is relevant to the right person at the right time.


Understand your Data

Kwheb has been designed to be user friendly, delivering complex data in an easy and quick to interpret format.


Reduce Energy

Information from Kwheb enables the reduction of energy consumption, and the associated costs.

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Boost Profits

A 20% energy reduction represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales. Kwheb can help.

Kwheb Dashboard - Control Centre

Dashboard Screenshot

The dashboard is the home screen for Kwheb and provides users with an overview of comparison information and hourly, daily and weekly consumption graphs.

Multiple tabbed dashboards can be opened for specific regions, and individual sites within those regions, for information at a glance.


  • Access your data anywhere, anytime
  • Open multiple tabbed dashboard for quick comparison
  • Open data view for tabular information


  • Quickly gauge energy consumption and identify issues
  • Make informed, reactive decisions quickly

Tracking - Detailed Data & Export

Tracking Screenshot

The tracking features of Kwheb offer a comprehensive, in depth, tabular look at your energy data.

Consumption, hourly, daily, weekly, and year cost summaries are available alongside meter readings and budget information. Easily export the information into Microsoft Excel for your own further analysis.


  • Individual or multi-site reporting
  • Historic or current data
  • Multi-currency consumption costs
  • Data export to Microsoft Excel


  • Easily identify energy waste and inefficient sites/assets
  • Accurately measure the effectiveness of your sustainability contract

Analysis - Quickly Gain Insight

Analysis Screenshot

Our analysis tools enable users to look at their data from a more engaging perspective.

Tools include periodic variation, mean energy loads, site benchmarking, demand drilldown and more.


  • Individual or multi-site reporting
  • Historic or current data
  • Data export to Microsoft Excel


  • More visually engaging for user
  • Use graphical elements for presentations
  • Easily identify energy waste and inefficient sites/assets

How does Kwhebwork?

Kwheb follows a simple process:

  1. Data is collected from your energy meters
  2. The collected data is processed by a DMTouch or Intuitive TDB controller
  3. The processed data is uploaded to RDM secure servers
  4. Uploaded data is converted into useful information by our cloud application for your interrogation
  5. Users can action on the energy information and insight presented by Kwheb
  6. Actions reduce energy expenditure and increase profitability
Kwheb Process

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