This Returns Policy does not Affect any Statutory Rights

All Resource Data Management (RDM) products carry a manufacturer warranty

Parts supplied by RDM that are manufactured by other companies are subject to the warranty provided by the original manufacturer.

These third-party parts include, but are not limited to, the following parts: - batteries, network switches, 3G/4G modems, hard disk drives, USB devices and other IT equipment.

Return of products due to damage caused by poor installation, electrical surges, lightning damage, liquid damage, breakage and or misuse will not be accepted under the warranty agreement.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that suitable packaging and transport methods are used to return the items. RDM will accept no responsiblity for any item sent back by the customer that is damaged in transit. Where possible the original packaging should be used.

Returns Procedure

For products in or out of warranty

  1. You must first contact the RDM customer support team who will provide technical help to ascertain if the part is genuinely faulty
  2. If unused/unopened items are to be returned for credit, the technical support team will refer you to the Sales department to authorise the return. (See Note 1)
  3. If technical support and the site engineer cannot solve the problem and agree that the part may be faulty, RDM will provide an authorised Customer Returns (CR) number
  4. The CR is issued for the specific parts and quantities agreed at the time the CR is created. A new CR number would be required and you should re-contact the technical support team for any further items that you think may be faulty and might want to return
  5. As much information as possible should be provided to the technical support team; fault description, site/store name, engineer, fixture etc to help identify patterns in the failures. We may also ask for the relevant sales order/invoice number on which the part was originally purchased
  6. When sending goods back to RDM, they must be sent to:

  7. UK / Europe
    80 Johnstone Avenue
    Hillington Industrial Estate
    G52 4NZ
  8. USA/Canada/South America
    Resource Data Management USA
    9441 Science Center Drive
    New Hope
    MN 55428
  9. Asia
  10. Resource Data Management (Asia)
    Sky Park at One City
    Jalan USJ 25/1
    47650 Subang Jaya
  11. The parts should be returned in suitable packaging, which should clearly identify the authorised Customer Returns number. (CR number)

Goods under warranty will be repaired, replaced or refunded in that order. Credit notes for warranty items will only be issued if goods cannot be repaired or replaced. The value of the credit note will be as the original invoice value. See Note 1

RDM will not accept returns without an authorised CR number. Any item returned without an RDM CR number will be quarantined and this will greatly delay repair, replacement or credit for the item

Advanced Replacements

Should the Customer require an advance replacement they should contact our Sales Department. An order number will be required before any parts can be supplied

At placement of the order you should also advise the RDM sales representative of the authorised Customer Returns (CR) number. Failure to do so could delay payment of credits.

The advance replacement will be dispatched and you will be charged for the replacement goods and carriage.

The failed item should be returned within 20 days to RDM.

If the item(s) returned is found to be covered by warranty, RDM will issue a refund or credit note to the invoice value of the replaced item. See Note 1.



No Fault Found
  1. Goods returned that are found to be fault free will be returned to the customer and a charge of £25 or 15% of the purchase price (whichever is the largest) plus carriage will be levied. The Customer will be invoiced for the replacement part
Out of Warranty
  1. Items that are out with the warranty date should only be returned using the above procedure. Customers will be advised of the repair or replacement cost before any work is carried out.
  2. Out of warranty items that have been returned and found faulty or damaged beyond the point of reasonable/economic repair, the Customer will be advised such and RDM will take no further action with the part.
Goods Ordered in Error
  1. Goods ordered in error can only be returned with prior agreement from RDM Sales department or Account Manager.
  2. Non-standard parts that have been specifically ordered for a customer cannot be returned for credit.
  3. The following charge will apply - a minimum handling charge of £25.00 or 15% of the invoice value, whichever is the higher value.
  4. All goods ordered in error must be returned complete with all original packaging and documentation in an 'as new' condition.
Products Damaged by the Customer/missing Components
  1. No credit will be given for items unless they are returned as new in original packaging with all connectors in place. The original packaging should not be altered or marked in anyway.

See our Customer Return Procedure Diagram here »