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Intuitive Transcritical CO2 Super Pack Software v3.5 Now Available

The newest software version for the Intuitive Transcritical CO2 Super Pack Controller (PR0650 STCO2) – version 3.5 – is now available from Resource Data Management.

Version 3.5 includes significant new features and feature enhancements including an entirely new web user interface, support for TouchXL devices and more.

The software upgrade can be obtained via Resource Data Management technical support for free. An upgrade cost will be applicable when the Resource Data Management support team carry out the upgrade. Only controllers purchased after January 2016 can be upgraded to version 3.5.



Support for the TouchXL Intuitive Display

The TouchXL Intuitive Display facilitates an additional user interface and alarm console for an Intuitive Transcritical CO2 Super Pack Controller. The majority of the menus, options and selection screens that are available on the Intuitive Transcritical CO2 Super Pack web interface are present on the TouchXL. Multiple TouchXL Intuitive Display devices (up to 16) can be connected to one Intuitive Transcritical CO2 Super Pack Controller.

For more information on the TouchXL Intuitive Display, see our TouchXL page. The TouchXL Intuitive Display now supports Intuitive TDB, Intuitive Super Pack and Intuitive Transcritical CO2 Super Pack.

Upgraded Web User Interface

The new web-based user interface for the Intuitive Super Pack controller is easier to navigate and more user friendly as a result. It is very similar to the web user interfaces now found on the DMTouch, Intuitive TDB and TouchXL controllers. The web user interface is suited for point and click (desktop and laptop computers) as well as touch screen devices like tablet and smartphones.

User Customisable Home Page

The Home Page of an Intuitive Transcritical CO2 Super Pack controller shows, in detail, all inputs, outputs and the state of these devices. A left hand tabbed list enables users to view specific values, devices or mapped entries. With version 3.5 The Home Page can be customised to display user-selected values.

Layout Support

If required, or desired, layouts created in RDM Layout Editor 3 can be uploaded to the controller to give visual performance indication and feedback of the current pack system under control. Graphics used within layout editor can be animated to different stages depending on the state of the device being monitored. Total layout sizes cannot exceed 1MB. New hardware, scheduled for release in the third quarter, will support multiple layers of dynamic images of a greater size.

These graphics will be available to view on the web user interface and on the TouchXL user interface (should a TouchXL device be connected to the controller).

Additional Analogue Input Options

The Intuitive Transcritical CO2 Super Pack Controller now supports additional 1-2 V DC and 1-6 V DC analogue input options which increase the range of pressure transducers that are compatible with the device. 

Added 1-5v Output

An added 1-5v output is now available on the controller, allowing for greater flexibility in variable output options.

View ‘Config Info’ Menu

The new "View Config Info" menu feature alerts the user to any parameters that have not transferred when loading a configuration from a controller with an older firmware version thus allowing the engineer to quickly and easily modify the controller setup.

Added RDM RS485 Network Compatibility

The additional compatibility allows for another option when adding the controller to a network.

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