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Ice Plant Halves Their Labour Costs and Reduces Daily Water Consumption By 45%

NFH, one of the biggest ice producers in the Philippines, install RDM controls to streamline operations and reduce labour requirement for the production of their bespoke ice solutions.

The Project

The demand for bespoke ice solutions is growing rapidly due to the specific requirements from the fishing trade, chicken processing plants and the hospitality sector. However manufacturers are struggling to cope with such mounting demand.

This struggle is a result of most ice manufacturers running their refrigeration equipment manually. Only a small number have PLC controls, but these controls are limited in functionality. As such, production is based on outdated logic, with data manually input and recorded in their log sheet. This operation requires extensive labour resource in the form of operators and technicians, which adds a complexity to logistics and spirals operational costs.

The Challenge

NFH, a traditional business who work with power plant generation from rice husk, are also the biggest ice producer in region V of the Philippines for block, tube and cube ice varieties. With water cost per cubic meter rapidly increasing each year and the salaries of machine operators doubling in 2018, there was an imminent need to streamline operations and minimise their labour requirement.

The Solution

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RDM Asia Ice Machine Project


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