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The next big thing to hit the sandwich industry

If you could cut your energy bill, ensure compliance with food safety laws, increase product quality, and have total transparency and control over your production environment, it would give your business a major advantage.

Installing an advanced control and monitoring system can solve four of the most pressing problems facing sandwich producers today, and in the process save you money and significantly increase the profit margins of your business.

This is what can be achieved with the latest control and monitoring systems from RDM. The company's technology has been in use by some of the UK's leading retailers for more than a decade.

Their ability to do all of these things - and more, is proven.

Well known companies such as Marks & Spencer, which has a deserved reputation for the outstanding quality of its food, rely on RDM control and monitoring. It gives the retailer complete control over all the refrigeration and air conditioning (in fact, all major energy systems) operating in its stores, reducing running costs, improving reliability and ensuring full compliance with food safety legislation.

As a result, the company is saving millions of pounds each year in energy and servicing costs. This falls to the bottom line as extra profit.

How RDM products can benefit the sandwich industry

Sandwich producers can replicate this in their own businesses, as the company is now expanding the focus of its offering to include forward-thinking food manufacturers and producers.

This is possible because the systems are scalable. This means that they can be applied equally successfully in a small business - perhaps a back-room production operation, through a large stand-alone regional production centre, right up to a national-scale concern with multiple sites, operating the biggest temperature-controlled prep facilities.

Installing effective control and monitoring gives you complete transparency, so you can see what is actually happening at individual component, plant, building or national estate level. It is a virtuous circle, as you not only save energy and reduce costs; it helps you improve the management of your production facilities, which results in further savings and lower costs.

Depending on the effectiveness of existing controls, upgrading to the latest RDM systems makes it possible to cut the energy bill for many food production facilities by up to 30 per cent. When combined with related savings in service and maintenance due to improved management, it is possible tocut overall building running costs by half.

Its control systems are based on a flexible open protocol platform that uses the universal internet browser as the interface. This enables you to monitor and control all aspects of your production environment from a pc anywhere - in the country, or indeed the world. Just log on, and all the information is there, updated in real time.

This open approach means that the systems can communicate with all other control systems and dovetail seamlessly. They can therefore be used at all levels, as a single plant controller right up to a full Building Energy Management System (BEMS), and at highly competitive cost compared with established companies in the market.

It is this combination of flexibility, ease of use and attractive pricing that is winning the company new customers and driving demand for the products across the food industry.

At the heart of the control platform is The Data Builder (TDB), a flexible, user­ programmable system than can be configured in an infinite number of ways to precisely meet the control requirements of a building, production facility or process. Together with TDB, the company's Data Manager and the Intuitive controller platforms give you the tools to tackle any project, no matter how simple or complex.

These onsite systems send temperature and alarm information to your pc or mobile phone, and to RDM's central monitoring bureau, manned 24/7 throughout the year. This gives complete transparency and puts you in control of all aspects of your production facility.

Given the benefits, we believe it is the next big thing to hit the industry.

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