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TDB Desktop Editor


Our free desktop software gives you the ability to create custom control algorithms for any conceivable application. Desktop includes features not available on device editors.

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DMTouch »

Includes a free trial of TDB built-in and can be activated to include Lite or Full TDB support. DMTouch can support up to 16 simultaneous TDB programs with 4,096 blocks per program.

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TDB Controllers

Intuitive TDB Controllers »

Intuitive TDB and Intuitive Mercury TDB controllers, designed from the ground-up for TDB, are each built to manage a single TDB program. Hosting programs with upto 10,000 blocks.

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TouchXL TDB Controller

TouchXL TDB Controller »

The TouchXL TDB Controller is a standalone device for connecting your control and monitoring infrastructure to, performing the role of controller and user interface in one package.

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TDB Desktop Editor

The new, smarter TDB Editor represents a major advancement with improved user interface design and layout. It’s now even easier to access key features, reducing programming time. Plus, expansion boards and daughter cards now offer additional opportunities to enhance the existing capabilities of the DMTouch and Intuitive and platforms.

Multiple TDB programs can be opened in a single TDB Desktop Editor session, streamlining program management. Users can separate single programs in to multiple pages, simplifying and reducing development time.

  • Simulate control programs
  • Export diagrams and data
  • Over 90 built-in blocks

New Features in Desktop Editor v2.1

Success TickBlock Level Help

In addition to the programme help documentation, users can now obtain help regarding a specific block by right-clicking and choosing the help option.

Success TickMulti-page Programs

Spread your TDB application across multiple labelled pages for better organisation and ease of use. Link between pages using shortcut blocks.

Success TickStepper Support

The new Intuitive Stepper Controller PR0652-TDB is now supported through TDB’s host settings within the program setup.

Success TickCopy & Paste

Copy control strategies from one program tab to another or even from program to program to speed up development and deployment time.


On Device Editors

By connecting to TDB devices locally (DMTouch, Intuitive TDB and TouchXL), engineering staff can design, build and run their own TDB programs without downloading the full desktop editor software.

We’ve specifically developed our range of TDB Enabled* products (including the DMTouch, Intuitive TDB Controller, Intuitive Mercury TDB Controller, and TouchXL) to be capable of fulfilling the most demanding of HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration) and BEMS (building energy management system) applications.

Each of our TDB products was designed with a different size and scale of solution in mind – use our comparison table below to decide what’s right for you.

TDB Platform Simultaneous Programs Block Count (Per Program)
DMTouch 16 4,096
DMTouch (Lite) 1 100
Intuitive TDB 1 10,000
Intuitive Mercury TDB 1 2,048**
TouchXL TDB Controller 1 10,000
Desktop Not Applicable up to 10,000

*DMTouch products require TDB activation (PR0485/PR0485-Lite)
**Dependent on block types used

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Free Programs and Custom Blocks

With custom blocks from our TDB Zone, you can quickly and easily create bespoke TDB programs that exactly match your requirements on site.

All of the custom blocks provided on the TDB Zone are free to download and can be added to existing programs with copy and paste or used as a starting point to create your own TDB program.

Get Started at our TDB Zone »

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