Mini Intuitive TDB

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Multiple Protocols

Mini Intuitive can communicate upward via BACnet, XML and Webservices, and to slave devices via Modbus® or BACnet.

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License-free PLC Software

Almost infinitely configurable TDB (The Data Builder) is highly flexible PLC software that comes built-in Mini Intuitive.

Free Desktop

Free Desktop Software

TDB Desktop Editing software is free-to-download PLC desktop and presents an additional saving, when compared to similar solutions.

Cost Effective Expansion

Cost-effective Expansion

Designed for optimal flexibility, Mini Intuitive can be expanded to control up to 480 points using our broad range of expansion modules.

Free programmable Logic Control Software

Mini Intuitive has been designed to be immensely powerful without the need for any complex programming or setup and comes with license-free PLC software, TDB, built-in.

With the free-download TDB Desktop Editor, it is easy to access key features and reduce programming time. Multiple TDB programs can be opened in a single TDB Desktop Editor session, streamlining program management and enabling quick copy & paste between them. 

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TDB Editor
TDB Editor

Clever Communications Included

In addition to the device’s inputs and outputs, the Mini Intuitive features a mix of built-in communications including IP, USB, and CAN bus for simple connectivity to your devices and peripherals.

Built-in communication ports can be used with a host of RDM expansion modules and upgrade products to get even more from your Mini Intuitive TDB controller.

Powerful Expansion Options

Intuitive expansion modules, dependent on the selected module, allow you to increase the number of inputs and outputs on your Intuitive TDB, Transcritical CO2, Superpack, Circuit or Mini Controller – to control up to 560 points from a single device.
Intuitive Stepper Module

Stepper Module

6 Stepper outputs, 4 Relay outputs, 8 Probe inputs, 8 Digital outputs, 8 Universal I/O, Remote Display option.

Intuitive IO Module

Intuitive I/O Module

12 relay outputs, 8 Probe inputs, 8 Digital Outputs, 8 Universal I/O, Remote Display option.

Intuitive Mini I/O Module

Mini IO Module

4 Universal analogue inputs, 5 Relay outputs, CAN bus option

Intuitive 48 Channel Module

48 Input Module

48 Probe inputs, 8 Universal I/O

Intuitive Mini I/O Module

Mini TDB Module

4 Digital inputs, 6 Probe inputs, 5 Relay outputs, 2 PWM outputs, 4 Universal I/O, Non-fused option, SSR option


Display Options

With an optional built-in colour LCD, the Intuitive TDB Controller allows for values, graphs and gauges all to be displayed on the device or via either a TouchXL or Intuitive Touch Display, providing better control during and after installation.

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TouchXL Temperature Screen
RDM Five year warranty image

Industry Leading Warranty

All Intuitive TDB Controllers come with Resource Data Management’s best in class five-year warranty. In addition, we offer free tailored training programmes at our in-house training centre and free technical after-sales support to ensure that our products and solutions deliver the very best results for each individual customer.

Technical Specifications

Mini Intuitive Controller
Mini Intuitive TDB (PR0680-TDB)

6 x status inputs
4 x digital inputs
4 x universal inputs & outputs

5 x relay outputs (with optional fusing)
2x PWM

LCD Display
2.4 " 320x240 Full Colour TFT Graphic LCD

Supply Voltage Range: 24 Vac +/-10% OR 24 Vdc +/-10%
Supply Frequence 50 - 60 Hz +/-10%
Maximum Supply Current 1.8A
Typical Supply Current <1A

Operating temperature range:
Without LCD Display: -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
Without LCD Display or SRR fitted: -20°C to +65°C (-4°F to +149°F)
Operating Humidity: 80% maximum

Dimensions (H x W x D)
101 x 157 x 67mm (3.97 x 157 x 67 in)

Approx. Weight
545g (1.20lbs)

CE Certification FCC Certification UL Certification RCM Certification

Product Documentation

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