Intuitive TDB

Our Most Advanced Programmable Logic Controller New!

Introducing a range of new and enhanced features, our new Intuitive TDB Controller has been designed to increase flexibility, simplify the install and set-up process and reduce installation costs, all for the same low-cost price as previous models.

  • Extended Temperature Range
  • Four PWM Outputs
  • Dual Ethernet Ports
  • Top and Front Facing USB Ports
  • Built-In Colour Display (optional)

Read our switchover guide for details of all the new features.

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TouchXL Temperature Screen

HVAC BEMS Software

Built to be Flexible

The Intuitive TDB controller is incredibly flexible making it perfectly suited for the HVACR and BEMS markets, including the ability to communicate using the Modbus® and BACnet protocols.

The new controller comprises of 8 resistive temperature inputs, 12 digital inputs, 8 universal I/O and 12 relay outputs, with 3 USB ports, 4 PWM outputs, CAN bus interface (for expansion modules) and dual-port Ethernet connectivity.

TDB: Free Programmable Logic Control Software

The Intuitive TDB Controller has been designed to be immensely powerful without the need for any complex programming or setup.

The controller can be programmed and configured with Resource Data Management’s free license TDB (The Data Builder) Desktop Editor software - available for download here (login required). TDB gives users complete control of all aspects of the device using up to 10,000 blocks to develop bespoke, site-specific, applications quickly and with minimal effort.

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TDB Software Screenshot
Communication Options

Clever Communications Included

In addition to the device’s inputs and outputs, Intuitive TDB controllers also feature a mix of built-in communications such as IP (Internet Protocol), USB, and CAN bus for simple connectivity to your devices and peripherals.

Built-in communication ports can be used with a host of RDM expansion modules and upgrade products to get even more from your Intuitive TDB Controller.

Flexible Web-Based UI

The Intuitive TDB Controller’s web interface is now, even more, user-friendly and easy to navigate with customization available for up to six screens with four viable values on each.

Keeping a consistent look, feel and interaction across RDM interfaces such as the DMTouch and TouchXL interfaces it’s now even easier to work across different devices.

The web GUI is suited for point and click (desktop and laptop computers) as well as touchscreen devices like tablets and smartphones.

Display Options Touch

Powerful Expansion Options

Intuitive expansion modules, dependent on the selected module, allow you to increase the number of inputs and outputs on your Intuitive TDB, Transcritical CO2, Superpack, Circuit or Mini Controller – to control up to 560 points from a single device.
Intuitive Stepper Module

Stepper Module

6 Stepper outputs, 4 Relay outputs, 8 Probe inputs, 8 Digital outputs, 8 Universal I/O, Remote Display option.

Intuitive IO Module

Intuitive I/O Module

12 relay outputs, 8 Probe inputs, 8 Digital Outputs, 8 Universal I/O, Remote Display option.

Intuitive Mini I/O Module

Mini IO Module

4 Universal analogue inputs, 5 Relay outputs, CAN bus option

Intuitive 48 Channel Module

48 Input Module

48 Probe inputs, 8 Universal I/O

Intuitive Mini I/O Module

Mini TDB Module

4 Digital inputs, 6 Probe inputs, 5 Relay outputs, 2 PWM outputs, 4 Universal I/O, Non-fused option, SSR option


Display Options

Now with optional built-in colour LCD, the Intuitive TDB Controller allows for values, graphs and gauges all to be displayed on the device or via a remote display (TouchXL, Intuitive Touch Display), giving you better control during and after installation.

The TouchXL Intuitive Display facilitates an additional user interface and alarm console for an Intuitive TDB Controller with the majority of the menus, options and selection screens also available on TouchXL. Up to 16 TouchXL Intuitive Display devices can be connected to one Intuitive TDB Controller, giving you maximum flexibility and control of your device.

Learn more about TouchXL »

The Intuitive Touchscreen Display which can be added as simple, customisable graphic display that provides easy access to data and settings.

TouchXL Temperature Screen
RDM Five year warranty image

An Industry Leading Warranty

All Intuitive TDB Controllers come with Resource Data Management’s best in class 5 year warranty.

In addition, we offer free tailored training programmes at our in-house training centre and free technical after-sales support to ensure that our products and solutions deliver the very best results for each individual customer.

Intuitive TDB Controller Technical Specifications

Intuitive TDB Controller
Intuitive TDB (PR0650 TDB)

Technical Specifications
Supply Voltage Range: 24VDC ±10% or 24VAC ±10% Supply Frequency: DC or 50-60Hz ±10% Maximum Supply Current: 1.8A Typical Supply Current: <1A

Inputs & Outputs
Remote Display Connector 12 Status Inputs 8 Probe Inputs 8 Universal IO 4 PWM outputs 12 Relay Outputs 1 CAN bus

PWM Outputs
Frequency Range 0.016667Hz - 20kHz Output Range Min: 50µs Max: 60s Period Resolution 10µs Internal Pull-Up Enabled: High-Level Output Voltage: Typical 4.7V ± 200mV (recommended minimum 10kO load impedance) Internal Pull-Up Disabled: External Voltage Range: 1V - 30V DC Maximum Current Sinking: 75mA

Mechanical Relays
Max Current: 10A Resistive Load (cos ? = 1) Inductive Amps Rating Max Voltage: 250VAC / 24VDC Built-In Relay Fuse: 10A 240Vac Anti Surge (T) HRC conforming to IEC60127, 32x6.3mm Relay Spacing: Relays 1-6 must together be either all mains or all low voltage, Relays 7-12 independently allow the use of mains or low voltage on any rela

Solid State Relays
Max Current: 1Amps (1A Fuse if Applicable) Voltage: 12-280VAC (Not DC Voltage Compatible)

Internal Display
2.4” 320x240 Full Colour TFT Graphic LCD 6x Pushbutton

Operating Temperature Range: Without Internal LCD Display: -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F), With Internal LCD or SRR fitted: -20°C to +65°C (-4°F to +149°F) Operating Humidity 80% Maximum Storage Temperature Range: Without Internal LCD: -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F), With Internal LCD Display or SSR fitted: -30°C to +65°C (-22°F to +149°F) Environmental: Indoor use at altitudes up to 2000m, pollution degree 2, installation category II Dimensions – H x W x D: 122 x 280 x 67mm (4.8 x 11 x 2.6in) *Unchanged from v1* Weight: 750g (1.65lbs) Safety: EN 61010-1:2010 IP Rating: IP20 EMC: EN 61326-1:2013, FCC CFR 47 Parts 15.107 & 15.109 and ICES-003 Issue 6 Ventilation: There is no requirement for forced cooling ventilation Class 2 Insulation: No protective Earth is required. A functional Earth may be fitted in noisy environments. Supply Fuse: Built-In: 2A 240VAC Anti Surge (T) HRC conforming to IEC60127, 32x6.3mm External MCB: 2A 240VAC Type D conforming to BS EN 60898

CE Certification FCC Certification UL Certification RCM Certification

5 Year Resource Data Management Warranty

Product Documentation

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