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RDM to Exhibit and Present at Smart Buildings Show 2018

Resource Data Management will be hosting a stand and presenting a seminar at the Smart Buildings Show 2018,  7-8 November at the Barbican in London. The event aims to give participants all of the information required to decide how best to streamline a building’s economic performance. Offering exactly that, RDM will be there to explain how to master your energy controls whilst minimising your costs. 

Smart Buildings Show

So what is a Smart Building?

With sea levels rising, Arctic ice separating and biodiversity plummeting, smart buildings look to maximise productivity whilst limiting costs and their impact on the environment. The focus is to incorporate the latest technology and expertise from the beginning of the building’s lifecycle, right through until the end. What began as a smart meter is now a smart building – where its sustainable design creates optimum energy efficiency.


Smart Buildings

How do RDM’s BMS and HVAC solutions achieve this?

From award-winning monitoring software to dashboards capable of presenting big data in easily digestible formats, RDM’s globally recognised products give you the information you need to reduce energy consumption, predict failures and avoid expensive downtime. Think energy management meets a sustainability strategy: giving you a healthier profit and a happier environment. To find out more, and to see live demonstrations of RDM product, visit stand F4 at the Smart Buildings show. Technical experts, including Graeme Ross, Group Head of Sales BEMS, will be there to show you why the BEMS and HVAC ranges are a global success.

What can be expected from the seminar?

The seminar will be in a case-study format - focusing on the demand reduction solution created for Pets at Home which reduced energy consumption by 34%. Attendees will gain insight as to what drove Pets at Home to implement the strategy, what changes and investments were made and the outcome regarding cost vs savings. Ignite Energy will educate attendees about the approach to their analysis of the situation, and the changes that can be made by implementing specific services and products. Graeme Ross from RDM will then provide information about HVACR controls, giving insight and opinion on technological advances, trends and future expectations. He will touch on how the accessibility, flexibility and price point of RDM controls contributed to the success of the project.

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