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RDM Update Intuitive Pack Controller Hardware

At RDM we are committed to helping our customers remain safety compliant, protect their assets and manage their energy through the continuous development of customisable HVACR solutions.

Innovation remains key to all activity at RDM and over the course of early 2018 we have been upgrading our Intuitive Controller Range with a host of new and advanced features, and we are now proud to announce the release of upgraded hardware for the popular Intuitive Pack Controller.

Upgraded Cost-Effective Hardware

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The new Intuitive Pack Controller (PR0650 PACK) is one of the most cost-effective controllers on the marketplace with the new generation including a range of upgraded features that increases the flexibility of the controller, while reducing installation costs, including:

  • Extended Temperature Range
  • Optional Graphical Colour LCD Display
  • Dual Ethernet 10/100 Base T Ports
  • Fitted Front Facing USB Device Port
  • Limited Power Supply from Computer USB Connection
  • Configurable LCD Screen
  • Customisable Multi-Screen Display

Compatible with Existing Accessories

The new Intuitive Pack Controller is compatible with all preceding models, using a plastic enclosure with core inputs and outputs that are the same size and located in the same position. Allowing for replacements and retrofits to be carried out with ease.

The device will support existing accessories that are already installed, with the exception of wireless mesh products.

Find Out More

For more information on the new and enhanced features available, please refer to the Intuitive Pack Controller Switchover Guide from the Documentation page of the RDM website

Or speak to a member of our team about the new Intuitive Pack Controller by contacting your RDM account manager or the sales team at

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