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Kirur Benny present RDM solutions at Aclima 2017 in Tel Aviv

Founded in 1972, Kirur Benny manufacture, install and service a broad variety of refrigeration and heating equipment for the commercial retail sectors. Manufacturing and marketing more than 100 different models of industrial refrigerators and freezers, they work with customers to put in place system-wide solutions that integrate existing infrastructure and reduce energy consumption.

Also specialising in the delivery of central cooling systems, they are supported by an in-house service department, priding themselves on rapid response times, by using the latest technology. For many years, Kirur Benny has worked in collaboration with RDM Distributor, Delta Technics Engineering BV, to serve and support customers.

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Passionate about the environment, all refrigerators manufactured by Kirur Benny operate ‘green’ gases, considered environmentally friendly, that meet strict European and Worldwide regulations.Similarly to RDM they also devote considerable effort to energy saving, recognising not just the financial benefits to the customer but the overall effect that emissions have on the quality of the air and the Earth’s atmosphere. They are currently in the midst of developing new technologies that significantly reduce the loss of energy while increasing the efficiency of cooling units, reducing the overall energy consumption, and are finding RDM controls solutions the perfect match.

Aclima 2017

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Aclima, the 24th International Exhibition for air-conditioning, refrigeration, heating and energy efficiency, held 7-9 November at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds provided the perfect platform for Kirur Benny to present RDM solutions that they have incorporated into their product offering.The event brought together Engineers, Technicians, Project Managers, Installers and Maintenance professionals. Allowing them to attend conferences and seminars, network, and learn about product innovations and new technologies available. Products on display included cooling units and equipment, cooling and heating systems, ventilation, air purification and airflow control systems.

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