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Intuitive TDB Controller Software v3.5.0 now available

The newest software version for the Intuitive TDB Controller – version 3.5.0 – is now available from Resource Data Management.

Software update v3.5.0 includes enhancements to the user interface, which heighten the programming experience, while significantly reducing the time taken for users to execute tasks and generate TDB programs.

To order upgrades for your Intuitive TDB and for pre-sales support please contact your RDM account manager or our Sales Team or phone +44 (0)141 810 2828


Updates include

  • Simplified, faster TDB program design.
  • Reduced programming time and total number of blocks required to create a TDB program.
  • Minimised the risk of error when publishing new TDB programmes.
  • Reduced number of blocks required to facilitate more efficient and accurate measurement of values.
  • Features that help prevent accidental operation of outputs, caused by errors in TDB program design.
  • Facilitates, increased accuracy when calculating the temperature pressure, for refrigerant blends suffering from glide.



Start-up Delay

For safety, all analogue and digital outputs will be switched ‘off’ for ten seconds after a restart of the controller. Preventing accidental operation of outputs, caused by errors in customer TDB program design.


Enhanced Mimic Value

Previously a value mimic could be directed at only an Input or Output within the Intuitive TDB controller. Now the user can also select from any Control States available within the TDB strategy.


Default Mimic Page

Users can now select, from the five possible mimic pages that they can configure, which one will be displayed by default when a user browses to the Intuitive TDB or interacts with any attached TouchXL display. A radio button will appear beside each page for the user to select the default page.


Enhanced Thermometer Mimic

When enabled the current temperature indicator, or mercury, shown on the thermometer mimic will change from blue to red, based on the alarm condition of the alarm block that the thermometer is mapped too. The user when setting up the mimic can choose to use the feature or not, by selecting the available alarm blocks found within the TDB program, from a drop-down list.


Enhanced Override & Three-Way Block Functionality

User selection retained over a power cycle or hard restart of the Intuitive TDB controller. Previously any selection made by the user was lost, and any block would return to its default value on restart of the controller or TDB program.


TDB Editor – Analog Input Block

has been improved to include two new features; Default Value and Automatic Define.


Notable Block Updates and Additions

  • TDB Editor – Analog Input Block, Light Sensor
  • New Feature Broadcast Receive List
  • TDB Editor Enhancement – Drop-down Option
  • CT Monitor Two Block
  • TDB Editor Enhancement – Update to Pump Block
  • Reverse On/Off Two & Direct On/Off Two Blocks
  • Reverse PID Two & Direct PID Two Blocks
  • Pressure to Temperature Two Block (P2T2)
  • Analogue Sensor Block
  • Occupation Two Block


For more information, please refer to the Intuitive TDB Commissioning & User Guide from the Documentation page of the RDM website. 

Please note, that if you have not already done so, you will need to register to download RDM product documentation. You can login or register here

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