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New! Software v2.6 now available for DMTouch

RDM are excited to announce that a new version of DMTouch software 2.6, incorporating the following changes, is now available:

  • Added separate web services CGI
  • Support added for Intuitive Superpack (PR0-650D) alarm aliasing inheritance
  • Enhanced auto-export checks so exported device matches current type file
  • New circuit controller auto-split feature
  • Enhancements to Layouts supporting Intuitive Superpack aliases
  • Enhancement to TDB network output block to permit the use of wildcard entries
  • Support to allow different Layout background colours
  • Site configuration saves provides the option to include layouts
  • GP Run On limit increase
  • System configuration saves BACnet / RDM-485 user-set types (used with BACnet / RDM-485 pending)
  • Support added for user-generated type files to be used with Modbus/ IP
  • Support added to allow alarms in user-generated type files
  • Support added for AK SC255, SC355 and AK SM800
  • Enhancements to reading alarm database on CGI
  • Improvements to discipline feature in “standard look”
  • Graphs will now take into account of visibility
  • Support added to reset an RDM controller remotely
  • Improvements to text handling for old-style layout files
  • Enhancement to the interface when viewed by a mobile device
  • Improvement to custom Automatic export supporting item aliases
  • Improvements to Philips Envision Lighting support
  • Option added to remove layout when doing a save site configuration
  • New Broadcast receive list feature
  • TDB Editor – drop-down menus when using network blocks
  • TDB Editor – New blocks – Analogue Sensor, DOF2, ROF2, DPID2, RPID2, Occupation 2, P2T2
  • TDB Editor – update to Pump block to ignore run proofs 
  • TDB Editor – Analogue Input block with automatic defining of values
  • TDB Editor – Light Sensor option in Analogue input block
  • TDB Editor – Support added for 4Uni 4Relay expansion module
  • New Layout feature incorporating GP Overrides
  • New Layout feature allowing slide mimic, states, overrides and GP run on

For more information, please refer to the DMTouch Commissioning Guide v2.6 available for free download from the Download Documentation page of the RDM website. 

Please note, that if you have not already done so, you will need to register to download RDM product documentation. You can login or register here


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