Temperature Control Products

DMTouch front end JPG


A powerful control system front-end, DMTouch is the ultimate gateway to interface with a number of standard and proprietary HVACR and BMS applications.

Unlike competing products, DMTouch is based upon open protocols and, after appropriate activation, will communicate with multiple third party devices via Ethernet IP, BACnet, Modbus® and more.

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TouchXL jpg

TouchXL Intuitive Display


With a HD 10" display, TouchXL devices can be used as a standalone controller or as an additional front end to either a DMTouch or Intuitive Controller.

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Mercury Mk3 Controller

Mercury Range


Mercury Controllers incorporate the latest microcontroller technology, increased analogue inputs, the addition of dedicated digital inputs and built-in IP network interfaces for a first-class control solution.

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Intuitive Controller

Intuitive Range

Multiple models that are designed to provide a flexible solution for delivering simple, stable, and responsive energy regulation without any complicated programming or setup.

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Intuitive TDB Controller

Intuitive TDB

PR0650 TDB

A fully-featured, high performance unit with an impressive variety of inputs and outputs that can facilitate the most demanding HVACR and BEMS applications.

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Mini Intuitive JPG

Mini Intuitive TDB


Powerful, compact control using the same PLC software as the Intuitive TDB controller, with fewer inputs and outputs.

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Intuitive Pack Controller

Intuitive Pack


Our traditional refrigerant and Transcritical CO2 controllers manage central pack systems that cool multiple refrigerated spaces at once.

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Intuitive Humidistat Controller

Intuitive Humidistat


Two piece controller made up of a relay control unit and remote display and inclusive of built in IP networking as standard.

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Intuitive Stepper Controller

Intuitive Stepper


RDM, with Sporlan (Parker Hannifan Corp®), offer a turnkey solution that incorporates the equipment required for your stepper valve control needs.

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Intuitive Mercury TDB Controller

Intuitive Mercury TDB

PR0750 TDB

Based on the proven technology of the Mercury controller range and with the built-in power of TDB to suit flexible control requirements.

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Coldroom Controller

Stepper Coldroom


Designed to operate a low, medium, or high temperature coldroom via the control of a motorised Stepper Expansion Valve.

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Coldroom Controller

Standard Coldroom


Designed to operate low temperature and high temperature cold rooms and available in electronic expansion valve and liquid line valve build options.

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SmaRt Coldroom

SmaRt Coldroom


Self-contained and low cost, SmaRt Coldroom is perfect for economical installations where temperature control is the primary function.

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Smart Controller

SmaRt Controller


Perfect for cost-effective temperature due-diligence where networking is not a primary requirement. Comes in a range of hardware builds to suit a host of potential temperature control applications.

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Powertray Controller

Powertray Controller


Available in low temperature, high temperature and hot serve over build options whilst featuring high current outputs for the most demanding of applications.

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ML Controller

ML Controller


Available in a variety of pre-programmed control models: 3 or 5 relay, hot and cold temperature and built-in networking options.

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