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Award winning enterprise remote monitoring software

RDM energy and building management solutions make it simple to control all aspects of HVACR across your building or multi-site estate.

ActiveFMTM supports your predictive, remote monitoring and asset performance strategies by giving you the information you need to identify issues, predict failures, avoid expensive downtime and accurately forecast capital expenditure and operating costs.

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Live Maps

Live Maps

Live Maps, as part of ActiveFMTM, offers access to the status of you or your customer’s energy estate as a real-time, interactive, and easy-to-use map application with no specific software (other than a web browser) required.

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TDB Editor

TDB Screenshot

Intelligent control, made simple.

TDB is the highly flexible programmable logic control software that can easily be configured in an almost infinite number of ways to precisely meet your control requirements.

The new, smarter TDB Editor represents a major advancement with improved user interface design and layout. It’s now even easier to access key features, reducing programming time. Plus, expansion boards and daughter cards now offer additional opportunities to enhance the existing capabilities of the DMTouch, Intuitive and Mercury platforms.

TDB users can share their control programs and download strategies that other members of our community have uploaded at our TDB Zone.

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Measure, monitor, and save.

Be one step ahead with Kwheb, RDM's cloud-based energy dashboard.

Kwhebtakes a fresh approach to energy and building management, giving you the power to easily and effectively manage energy consumption to reduce energy costs and help you to meet sustainability objectives.

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