Powertray Controller

Powertray Controller Build Options

Our Powertray Controllers are available in a range of builds to suit your individual requirements.

Powertray Controller

Electric Defrost & TEV Control

Powertray Controller

Electric Defrost & EEV Control

Powertray Controller

Off Cycle Defrost & TEV Control

Powertray Controller

Off Cycle Defrost & EEV Control

Powertray Controller

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Find the Powertray Controller in Book A

For further information and full individual product and technical specification, please consult our Temperature Control Solutions Catalogue – ‘Book A’ pages 64-71.

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Book A
Network Cable and Fibre Optics

Flexible Networking Options

Future proof IP connectivity is available for quick and secure networking. Flexible integrated network options also ensure compatibility on many existing sites with legacy hardware and front ends.

Connectivity options for the Powertray Controllers include RS485 networking and IP networking. Built in RS232 communications enable to controller to be networked externally at a later date.

Easy Configuration & Electrical Safety

Our controllers ship with multiple standard default configurations. Customisation can be easily made using an attached display, by direct PC connection and by remote system frontend connection.

The Powertray Controller features a built-in mains isolator switch, thermal circuit breakers and built-in fuses to ensure protection for the attached equipment. All connections are plpug and socket for ease of installation and servicing.

Ethernet Connection

Mercury Display

Remote Display Options

For flexibility during installation, commissioning and servicing, Powertray Controllers can be supplied with a variety of case displays (remote display with 5m lead and keypad) to suit your needs.

Powertray does not feature a built in display and a remote display provides one way to gain full access to all of the menus and settings for the Controller.

An Industry Leading Warranty

Powertray Controllers come with Resource Data Management’s best in class 5 year warranty.

In addition, we offer free training programmes (tailored to your knowledge level and requirements) at our in-house training centre and free technical after-sales support to ensure that our products and solutions deliver the very best results for each individual customer.

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Powertray Controller Technical Specifications

Powertray Controller
Powertray Controller (PR0040)
For other Powertray Controller model specifications, please consult Product Catalogue A

6 Analogue Inputs supporting PT1000, NTC2K, 470R, 700R, 3K, 5K, 6K, NTC2K25, NTC10K or NTC10K(2) temperature probes (note: probe types cannot be mixed).
Optional configuration of inputs for digital operation, secondary functions (e.g. case clean switch, plant fault alarm etc).

7 Relay outputs:
Relay 1 - 18A (250Vac) resistive (COSΘ=0.4 5A Inductive)
Relay 2, 6 - 1A (250Vac) resistive (COSΘ=0.4 1A Inductive)
Relays 3, 5 - 2A (250Vac) resistive (COSΘ=0.4 2A Inductive)
Relay 4 - 5A (250Vac) resistive (COSΘ=0.4 3A Inductive)
Relay 7 – 7A (250Vac) resistive (COSΘ=0.4 3A Inductive)

220-240Vac +/-10% 50hz (Maximum 32A) Class 1—Unit must be Earthed.

Operating temperature: 5° to 50°C (41° to 122°F)
Operating humidity: 10% to 80% (non condensing)

70 x 160 x 300mm (2.75 x 6.3 x 11.8in)

Weight: 3.0kg (6.6lb)

CE Certification FCC Certification

Resource Data Management's best in class five year warranty.

Product Documentation

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