Intuitive Stepper

Turnkey Diagram

A True Turnkey Solution

Based on the existing low voltage Intuitive Mercury platform (PR0750/PR0760), the most recent mains power Intuitive Mercury Stepper Controller has the same advanced features and functionality with the addition of being mains powered.

The internal switch mode power supply allows operation worldwide and as there’s no need for an external low voltage supply, the controller is cost-competitive and easier to install.

Find the Intuitive Mercury Stepper Controller in Book B

For further information and full individual product and technical specification, please consult our Intuitive Programmable Logic & Plant Control Solutions Catalogue – ‘Book B’ pages 40-41.

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Book B
Network Cable and Fibre Optics

Networking as It's Required

In order to make the Intuitive Mercury Stepper Controller as flexible as possible, the package is available with and without internal IP communications (for connecting directly to your network) built in.

This gives you the ability to ensure you’re only paying for the functionality that your projects or end users require.

Build Options

The Intuitive Mercury Stepper Controller is available in a variety of build options depending on your requirements.

It is possible to define display type (on controller or remote), addition of IP communications, attachment of optional daughter card (1 probe, 1 analogue input), the inclusion of an Intuitive Power Store, and the inclusion of on-board fusing.

The Intuitive Power Store acts like a UPS to close valve in the event of a power failure. The optional daughter card (1 probe and 1 analogue input) can be used as an alternate method for calculating when to operate the stepper output based upon temperature or pressure.

Building Blocks

Remote Display

Remote Display Option

The main Intuitive Mercury Stepper Controller is available with both on device or remote display preferences for a better level of control during and after installation.

Remote displays retain all of the functionality of on device displays whilst offering the convenience of a preferred display install location.

An Industry Leading Warranty

The Intuitive Mercury Stepper Controller comes with Resource Data Management’s best in class 5 year warranty.

In addition, we offer free training programmes (tailored to your knowledge level and requirements) at our in-house training centre and free technical after-sales support to ensure that our products and solutions deliver the very best results for each individual customer.

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Intuitive Stepper Controller Technical Specifications

Intuitive Stepper Controller
Intuitive Mercury Stepper Controller (PR0962)
For full technical specifications and product ordering information, please consult Product Catalogue B »

6 Inputs
Supporting PT1000, NTC2K, 470R, 700R, 3K, 5K, 6K, NTC2K25, NTC10K NTC10K(2) or user defined temperature probes

4 Relay outputs
10A (250Vac,30Vdc) resistive load, (5A COSΘ=0.4 Inductive load)
1 Stepper Output
Bipolar Stepper Motor 24V 8W Max (Chopper Drive). Maximum current cannot exceed 825mA

100-240Vac +/-10% 50-60hz (Typ. <1A) Class 2 Insulation
Total Max current dependent on Stepper Motor used.

Operating temperature: -10° to 60°C (41° to 122°F)
Operating humidity: 10% to 80% (non condensing)

120 x 157 x 67mm (4.7 x 6.2 x 2.6in)

500g (1.1lb)

CE Certification FCC Certification

Warranty (Controller Only)
Resource Data Management's best in class five year warranty.

Stepper Valve
For Stepper Valve specification please refer to the relevant Parker documentation.

Product Documentation

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LanguageIntuitive Mercury Twin Coil Single EEV 1.a.pdf161804/10/2017
LanguageIntuitive Mercury Tvilling Batteri Singel EEV-Användar Manual-v1.0a SV133220/04/2018
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