Intuitive Family

Intuitive, in Every Scenario

We’ve developed the Intuitive range to be perfect for every energy control scenario.
In fact, our TDB controller can be configured in an almost infinite number of ways to suit your requirements.

Intuitive TDB Controller
Intuitive TDB

The flagship product in the Intuitive range. Intuitive TDB controllers can facilitate the most demanding HVACR and BEMS applications.

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Intuitive Mercury TDB

Based on our Mercury controller range, Intuitive TDB Mercury is perfect when the full functionality of the Intuitive TDB controller is not required.

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Intuitive Pack

Our pack (traditional and CO2) refrigeration controllers are highly effective to ensure that your systems run as energy efficiently as possible.

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Intuitive Circuit

Developed for circuit refrigeration markets, this efficient controller is intended for centralised control of up to 25 refrigeration devices (or circuits).

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RDM: Communication Options

Clever Communications Included

In addition to each controller’s inputs and outputs, Intuitive devices feature a mix of built in communications such as IP (internet protocol), USB A/B, and CANbus for simple connectivity to your devices and peripherals.

Built in communication ports can be used with a host of RDM expansion modules and upgrade products to get even more from your Intuitive device.

Powerful Expansion Modules

Intuitive Stepper Module

Stepper Module

Featuring 6 stepper outputs, 4 relay outputs, 8 temperature inputs, 8 digital outputs, 8 universal I/O and optional remote display.

Intuitive IO Module

I/O Module

Featuring 12 relay outputs, 8 temperature inputs, 8 digital outputs, 8 universal I/O and optional remote display.

Intuitive 48 Channel Module

48 Input Module

Featuring 48 temperature inputs and 8 universal I/O.

Intuitive Mini I/O Module

Mini IO Module

Featuring 4 universal analogue inputs and 5 relay outputs.

Superior Software, Out of the Box

The Intuitive TDB line of controllers (Intuitive TDB and Intuitive Mercury TDB) have been designed to be immensely powerful without the need for any complex programming or setup.

The products can be configured and commissioned using our completely free TDB software (available for download here), giving end users complete, and yet simple, control.

Intuitive Pack and Circuit controllers are hardcoded for immediately efficient refrigeration out of the box.

Intuitive Controller Software

Display Options

Intuitive Controllers are available with both on device or remote display (TouchXL, Intuitive Touch Display) options for better control during and after installation.

The TouchXL Intuitive Display facilitates an additional user interface and alarm console for an Intuitive TDB Controller. The majority of the menus, options and selection screens that are available on the Intuitive TDB web interface are present on the TouchXL. Multiple TouchXL Intuitive Display devices (up to 16) can be connected to one Intuitive TDB Controller.

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The Intuitive Touchscreen Display which can be added as simple, customisable graphic display that provides easy access to data and settings.

TouchXL Temperature Screen

Technical Overview

For full technical specifications on the different intuitive models, please visit their respective product pages or consult RDM product catalogue B.


Inputs & Outputs
Remote Display Connector 12 Status Inputs 8 Probe inputs 8 Universal IO 4 PWM outputs 12 Relay outputs 1 CAN bus

PWM Outputs
Frequency Range 0.016667Hz - 20kHz Output Range Min: 50µs Max: 60s Period Resolution 10µs Internal Pull-Up Enabled: High-Level Output Voltage: Typical 4.7V ± 200mV (recommended minimum 10kO load impedance) Internal Pull-Up Disabled: External Voltage Range: 1V - 30V DC Maximum Current Sinking: 75mA

Resource Data Management's best in class five year warranty.



6 Inputs supporting PT1000, NTC2K, 470R, 700R, 3K, 5K, 6K, NTC2K25, NTC10K NTC10K(2) user defined temperature probes or volt free digital inputs.

5 Fused Relay outputs (built in fusing is optional). 10A (250Vac,30Vdc) resistive load, (5A COSf=0.4 Inductive load)

Resource Data Management's best in class five year warranty.


Dependent on Intuitive Pack Model

Dependent on Intuitive Pack Model

Resource Data Management's best in class five year warranty.


8 Temperature Inputs: Probe types supported (PT1000 (default), 470R, 700R, 2K, 2K25, 3K, 5K, 6K, 10K, 10K(2), 100K) Range: -60°C to +127°C for PT1000. Configurable as Degrees Celsius or Degrees Fahrenheit.
12 Digital Inputs: 0V return or 24Vac (configurable as normally open or normally closed)

12 Fused Relay Outputs (fusing is optional) 10A (250Vac,30Vdc) resistive load, (5A COSf=0.4 Inductive load)

Resource Data Management's best in class five year warranty.

Product Documentation

LanguageTitleFile Size (kB)Date
LanguageIntuitive & Plant Backup Controller User Guide129016/09/2016
LanguageIntuitive & Plant Pack Controller User Guide311715/02/2017
LanguageIntuitive and Plant Controller Expansion Boards Installation & User Guide199321/06/2017
LanguageIntuitive Superpack Plant Controller V2436902/02/2018
LanguageIntuitive Transcritical CO2 Plant Controller User Guide274020/12/2016
LanguageIntuitive Transcritical Superpack Controller V1403202/02/2018
LanguageIntuitive TDB V2 Controller Installation & User Guide 1032216/03/2018
LanguageCO2 Mini Transcritical CO2 Controller User Guide179427/01/2016
LanguageUSB Current Monitor User Guide47624/01/2018
LanguagePlant & Intuitive Circuit Controller Installation & User Guide320930/08/2017
LanguageIntuitive Family Product Data Sheet13101/10/2016
LanguageIntuitive TDB Switchover Guide 201862011/01/2018
LanguageIntuitive TDB Data Sheet86611/01/2018
LanguageCambios en el controlador Intuitive TDB60724/01/2018
LanguageIntuitive Superpack Plant Controller V1401925/01/2018
LanguageIntuitive Transcritical Superpack Controller V2452802/02/2018
LanguageIntuitive Circuit Controller V2 User Guide Iss 4.2363114/02/2018
LanguageIntuitive Circuit Controller User Guide Iss 4.2320315/02/2018
LanguageIntuitive & Plant Pack Controller User Guide V2353008/05/2018
LanguageIntuitive Pack Controller Product Data Sheet11129/03/2018
LanguageIntuitive Pack Controller Switchover Guide60129/03/2018
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