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Managing Multiple Assets from One Platform

Most industry verticals, such as manufacturing, retail and hospitality, can have thousands of HVACR assets across multiple locations. Ensuring these assets run, not just effectively, but to optimal output, can be a time-consuming and costly task.

What if you could manage all of your assets in one location and within one single platform? What if this platform could transform your data into an easy-to-digest format, optimising performance and predicting failures?

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Mapping the HVACR Internet of Things

Around the world and across a variety of industries, more and more HVACR devices are coming ‘online’.

This whitepaper outlines the scale of this opportunity for UK-based and indeed international organisations who both buy and sell HVACR related goods and services. It further introduces the IoT technology that enables you to take control of HVACR energy use and gives examples showing how the RDM system works and what it can deliver.

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Take Control of Store Energy and Profitability

Because of the scale of many food retailers, there is significant opportunity to reduce energy costs and improve organisations’ bottom lines by employing the latest technology and proactive software solutions.

As such, this whitepaper outlines this scale of opportunity for UK and international retailers and introduces the technology that enables you to take control of store energy use, providing examples of the RDM solutions and what they can achieve.

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HVACR and the Future of Retail

Previous research has been clear in showing that the retail landscape is changing in response to the demands and requirements of today’s consumer.

In response, this whitepaper gives an overview of the changing landscape of the retail environment and the drivers of change. It outlines the implications of these changes for retailers, HVACR contractors and HVACR suppliers and highlights the energy saving solutions available to them.

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