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What are the ETL and ECA?

The ETL is one of the world’s largest databases of top performing energy-saving products. Part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme, businesses who purchase qualifying ETL products can claim a tax break of 100% in the first year, representing a 19% cost saving.

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Write-off the purchase cost against your taxable profits, saving approximately 19%.

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Demonstrate environmental awareness and concious efforts to reduce carbon footprint.

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Protect assets and brand, by complying with safety regulations and legislation.


Examples of how the Energy Technology List's ECA Scheme can benefit you and your business

Example One - without ETL

You invest £10,000 on new HVACR equipment and claim standard allowance at the rate of 18%.Your corporation tax rate is 19%

Cost savings: tax relief would be £342 in the first year* with the option to claim further tax relief in future years.

*on the basis that all other Annual Investment Allowances (AIA) have been utilised and the standard capital allowance is being claimed.

Example Two - with ETL

You invest £10,000 on a new HVACR equipment, but select equipment that qualifies for the ETL and can, therefore, claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA).

Cost savings: ECA provides an immediate 100% tax relief of £1900 in the same year. Representing a cash flow boost of £1558 that would be applicable for every £10,000 that is spent in the same year . It also removes the need and cost of claiming the Writing Down Allowance (WDA) in future years.

*As a company you can claim ECA'S in addition to AIA's. If you have used up your AIA allowance, then you could claim an ECA on the ETL listed products. Increasing total available accelerated tax allowances.

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Dont miss out on your chance to claim the Energy Technology List’s (ETL) Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. One of our experts are waiting to talk to you.

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Qualifying RDM Products

A number of RDM products have been tested and approved to appear on the Energy Technology List (ETL), and therefore qualify for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme.

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Control and manage HVACR infrastructure, on and off-site, to adhere to compliance legislation, while capturing data that will help you reduce installation, energy and maintenance costs.


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The flagship product in the Intuitive range, TDB controllers, come with license-free PLC software, TDB, built-in and can control over 600 HVACR points with one device.


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Mercury Controllers are available in multiple hardware build and software options to support a wide range of temperature control and cooling applications.


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Designed for use in either LT or HT coldroom or cold walk-in storage applications, our Coldroom Panels use proven technology already found in our temperature controllers.



A low-cost self-contained controller, the SmaRt Coldroom is intended for use in refrigerated coldrooms, cooling and fan control.



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