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Resource Data Management (RDM) is delighted to announce the release of the newest software update for our range of PLC controllers. TDB software version 4.1.0 is now available for the Intuitive TDB controller, Mini Intuitive TDB controller and TouchXL TDB Controller. Intuitive and Mini Intuitive hardware have optional full-colour displays, compared to the TouchXL TDB Controller, which has a 10” colour touch display as standard.

New Features

The software update expands the functionality and connectivity of the current version with a host of new features. Combined, the new enhancements further strengthen the market-leading position of RDM’s PLC range.

Pack Broadcast Block

The new pack broadcast block can be used in conjunction with RDM controllers compatible with the Superpack and Super Transcritical CO2 broadcast feature. Pressure readings, either in Bar or PSI, can be sent across an IP network to compatible devices, such as the Mercury case/coldroom controller.

This new TDB software block allows the creation of bespoke pack\rack control strategies within TDB. At the same time, pack/rack pressure can be shared with a range of factory-standard RDM controllers.

Optional Secondary IP Adapter

The new software update enables TDB controllers to support a second IP network interface via a separate USB to Ethernet adapter. The IP address can either be statically assigned by the user or issued by a DHCP server on the network, allowing the controller to have a LAN and WAN network configuration.

Modbus Adapter Communication Settings

TDB controllers can communicate to third-party Modbus devices via RDM’s USB Modbus adapter. When the adapter is connected to the panel, the updated menu allows the user to configure the communication settings of the adapter to match that of the device.  Various combinations of Baud rate, Parity and Stop Bits can be selected.

Also included is a ‘Response Wait’ feature which is entered in 100 ms increments. TDB controllers will highlight third-party Modbus devices if they are not responding in a set time frame. The software update allows users to increase the default time frame of the delay if needed. TDB controllers can therefore communicate with an even wider range of Modbus equipment.

Changed User Access Settings for Enhanced Security

In order to enhance security, user account access can now be restricted. Only permitted users will be allowed to log into the device remotely. Users who have been granted local access, can only log onto the system via either a connected display, such the TouchXL, or via a PC within the same IP subnet of the TDB controller. In addition to blocking unauthorised viewings, it prevents users making changes to the TDB strategy while they are off-site and unable to observe the effects of their changes.

Custom logos

The new software now supports customised logos to be shown on the TDB web pages.

Stepper Output Block

A new parameter was added to the analogue output block to protect stepper valves further. The Minimum Overdrive Interval feature will prevent any valve from being overdriven too often. The interval can be set in hours. If, for example, the period is set to two hours, it will not allow the valve to overdrive more than once during that time.

Enhanced File Naming

Files exported from the TDB controllers will be aliased with the controller name, time and date. US date format is also supported. If multiple TDB programmes are exported from multiple TDB controllers, this file naming convention will help users identify quickly on what date and from which controller a file was last saved.

Infinite Scrolling Alarm Log

The lists of alarms is updated automatically with older events as the user scrolls through the Alarm Log. Over 1000 alarms can be viewed with the software update.

Please contact us to find out more about the new TDB software release or to place an order for your upgrade:

PRODUCT | Posted on 01 Sep 2020


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