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RDM recently released the newest version of its highly-flexible PLC software: The Data Builder (TDB) Desktop Editor 2.3.1. The user-friendly programming tool enables the design of bespoke applications that can be used across multiple RDM hardware platforms. TDB Software has a comprehensive library of functional blocks that allow users to develop virtual devices and control algorithms to any level of complexity as required. Control strategies can be designed for use in any application, including BMS, HVACR, lighting and energy management.

New Features

‘Online Mode’ Availability Increased  

While the software’s ‘Online Mode’ was previously restricted to the Intuitive Mercury platform, this feature is now also available for RDM’s DMTouch, Intuitive TDB, Mini Intuitive TDB and the Intuitive TouchXL TDB Controller. If a system is not performing as programmed, the Online Mode provides real-time access to the system, allowing users to pinpoint the source of the problem.

Java Components Built-In

TDB Desktop Editor 2.3.1 has all Java components pre-installed that are necessary for the proper functioning of the software. Users are no longer required to install the compatible version of Java, reducing set-up time and avoiding issues due to restricted permissions.

New Intuitive Mercury Features

The Intuitive Mercury TDB has recently been upgraded and now features two additional Digital Inputs and Universal Input/Outputs. A new 1x relay expansion board has also been added to its daughter board. Creating the new TDB software, these new options have been included and are now available for programming.

Simplified Host Selection

The selection of hosts has been simplified in TDB Desktop Editor 2.3.1. While all daughter boards of the Intuitive Mercury TDB used to appear as options on the main host selection, they now have a separate drop-down menu that appears after Intuitive Mercury TDB has been selected as the main host.

Available Now for Download

The TDB Desktop Editor 2.3.1 is now available for free download from RDM’s software page. For more information on the TDB Desktop Editor Software, please contact us.

PRODUCT | Posted on 08 Oct 2019


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