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Software Version 5.4 Delivers Energy Efficiency and Greater Programming Control


Resource Data Management are delighted to release new software for their popular line of HVAC and refrigeration controllers for environmentally-friendly CO2 refrigeration systems: the Intuitive Transcritical Superpack controllers.

The latest software update focuses on increasing the energy efficiency of refrigeration systems and providing OEMs, installers, and designers with additional flexibility when designing control systems, enabling them to deliver the best solution to their clients.

The update introduces a host of new features that enable connection to fibre networks and increase the control efficiency which helps businesses save energy.

Connection to Fibre Networks

Following the latest software release, Intuitive Transcritical Superpack controllers can connect to fibre optic networks using RDM’s USB to Fibre adapter. Using a fibre connection allows Intuitive Transcritical Superpack controllers to be installed in electrically noisy environments without any impact on communication performance, using network cables of up to 2km in length.

Increased Control Efficiency for Flexible Solutions

A range of new features provides engineers with more flexibility when commissioning the controller. They also help reduce the number of “breakdown” calls. The enhanced compressor run proof functionality allows engineers to configure multiple compressor restart attempts before a compressor is locked out. Visiting a site to restart a compressor now becomes unnecessary. 

Enhanced Control Options Facilitate Energy Savings

Operating suction setpoints of Intuitive Transcritical Superpack controllers can easily be adjusted with RDM’s PLC software TDB. Users can now easily control the response to cooling capacity required at a specific moment. This allows for the strategy to account for varying demands such as the start of a blast freezing process in a food factory. The suction setpoint can be easily offset utilising a TDB program operating within an RDM control and monitoring system front-end - DMTouch or miniDM.

Easily offsetting a setpoint also allows to adjust the heating capacity to increase hot water availability during the day as part of a heat reclaim strategy which helps to increase energy efficiency.

Enhanced Parallel Compressor Control Increases Energy Efficiency

It has been shown that a system's coefficient of performance (COP) is increased if the parallel compressor runs first and reduces the demand on the receiver vessel and also if the parallel compressor is held off until the gas cooler temperature is above a certain point.

Following the latest software update, the parallel compressor control, gas cooler control and receiver valve control have been enhanced further to create a more energy efficient system.

More Information

For more information on software update 5.4 for Intuitive Transcritical Superpack controllers, please contact us at The user guide detailing all features of the controller is available on the documentation section of our website.





PRODUCT | Posted on 02 Dec 2022


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